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Open Comb March 2013 Is Here!

Hmmm I don't know what to use hmmmm either my 34' crat, one of my single rings, or my gillette ball end new. I would even use my tuckaway but its kinda too aggressive.
I think I will start with my new to me Rotbart Mond Extra. Then probably send it to Sam for replating. So I can follow it with my LC NEW, SC NEW, ball handle Old Type, Single Ring, New Improved, Cooper, Goodwill......
I wonder if I can come up with 31 OCs, one for each day??:detective:
The timing could not have been perfect: after enjoying the last few weeks with my solid guard bar aristocrats & DE89, I've just put the Merkur 1904 open comb back into my rotation and has been my daily shaver the last few days and I'm cleaning up my shell ABC razor to be put into the rotation. I will try to keep this month fully dedicated to OC razors!


B&B membership has its percs
I thought it fitting to STARt the MARCH of the Open Combs with what I think is my oldest razor ...

$IMG_6050 - Copy.jpg
Still a close shave using a modern SS SE blade ..
I've tried these "Month of _____" before with little success because my mind soon wanders to other types of razors. But I'll start off strong today with a LaResche.

LaResche Razor
Astra Blade
T&H Grafton
Proraso Post

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I didn't get to shave this morning, but my plan is to fire up the 34 Aristocrat tonight after work. Since its snowing outside, I'm thinking it may be a Proraso Red shave tonight. Or my new go to, Tabac. Then finish it off with my new bottle of Clubman.
LC bar handle NEW
Bluebird that's been used 9+ times (bluebirds are fantastic)
TOBS Jermyn street cream
Proraso boar brush (Omega 48?)
Great shave!
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