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One Reason I Love My Wife....

I love my wife. :blush:

We just returned from a week in Las Vegas for our wedding anniversary, as we've done for the past four years. Normally we do a little gambling, see a few shows, and generally lolligag about. However, this year's trip turned out to be something special. See, she's a big fan of Jerry Seinfeld...and since he had a show at Caesar's during the time we were there, I scored some primo tickets (6th row from the front) as my anniversary gift to her.

In return, she took me on a massive, shaving-related shopping spree:

Royal Shave at AOS (which unfortunately we had to cancel, as I was feeling under the weather the day it was scheduled). BTW, all of their brushes were on sale for 50% off while we were there. They also had a few Plisson(!) and Vulfix brushes, but they were not on sale;

Trip to Crabtree & Evelyn--picked up a tube Sienna-scented hair/body wash and a tube of Sienna-scented deodorant (yes, my Sienna shave soap is one of my favorites); :biggrin:

Trip to Truefitt & Hill--picked up a tube of Trafalgar (another favorite shave cream of mine; I was almost out) and a cake of Luxury Shave Soap since they're being discontinued in the US;

Trip to Penhaligons (!)--picked up a cake of English Fern shave soap and a tube of Blonheim shave cream.

Did I mention I love my wife? :001_wub:

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