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One Razor?

Who here in this forum uses only one razor or one razor for most of their shaves? Who here might have a large collection but still mainly uses one? I have a modest DE collection but mainly use one razor, my favorite Tech. I try to be a minimalist to some extent. How about you? What are your thoughts on it?
One razor is blasphemy! I rotate a lot. I have maybe 20 that I actually use and that includes some straight razors as well. Right now my main rotation is a Blackland Vector, Le Coq cage head, Feather ASD 2, and a few Gillette techs and open combs. And various antique straight razors mostly Sheffields.

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I have a few friends who only have one de razor + a piece of soap, and some even shave with only facial cleanser. They are true "minimalists".
So they don't have any enthusiasm or reason to join B&B. Welcome to join them in the realm of Nirvana.


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What sorcery is this!

Hahahaha! I actually fell away from here for about 5 years or so and used only a Merkur 34C every day for that 5 years. I had (at one time) 800 Gillette 7 O'Clock Super Plats (black) and used only that blade. I'd never have more than 3 lather products in the den consisting of a soap or two and a tub of TOBS rose cream. I only used Pinaud Clubman A/S. Two brushes. Five years.

I recently came back here and got back into it all over again. But I'd call what I'm doing 'experimenting' not 'rotating'. I'm running a dozen blades or so through a vintage fat-handle Tech and a 1940's Super Speed, and I recently got a Schick Type M1 adjustable injector because that's what I started with in the early 1970's.

However, when all the experimenting is over, I will likely end up using one razor again, for the most part, with an occasional outing with the Schick. I won't be 'rotating' through a bunch of razors. Every year I do a few shaves with my birth quarter Red Tip, but that's it, I'm a mild razor guy.

I suspect I will end up back with the Merkur or the Tech as my daily driver with the Schick thrown in once in a while, with one blade again. I still have about 400 Gillette blacks, and will likely lay in a few hundred GSBs. I will, however, stay up at around a half dozen lather products, and I've added a couple of brushes. I now have three badgers, three boars, and a synthetic. Oh and a small travel brush.
I have settled on one razor, an About the Tie Windsor, but I change the plate from mild to regular and vice versa from time to time, today being a new day one on the mild plate with a fresh Israeli Personna. However, wait. It gets worse! I have two soaps and two badger brushes (and a Simpson T2 for travel). The soaps are both terrific, but I far prefer one and will eventually be a one soap guy. The brushes are different, and eventually I see myself having two identical brushes. I am headed for only Martin de Candre Fougere and only the Kent BK4. As regards blades, I am down to two, Gillette Silver Blue and Israeli Personna and foresee getting down to only the Gillettes. I have four aftershaves but use 4711 95% of the time or more. I am a creature of habit and one of those damnably abstemious Scots. I still enjoy Badger & Blade.
I have one razor, SB90 that I use exclusively, I have 1 brush a Margaret’s synthetic 1 Marvy mug and I only use 1 soap at a time until it’s all used up, usually Arko,Tabac, Cella or VDH I’m happy get wonderful shaves and have no desire to change. Oh yeah, Personna Med. prep blades.
Personally, I have enough razors for a small collection of permanent use. Likewise, many are simply inactive. However, I cannot be satisfied with what has already been achieved. I choose one or the other depending on my mood.
I own four Gillettes in the moment. Two Slims, one Fatboy and a KCG.
The Fatboy is my daily driver. I love it.
But I would never sell the others.
A Futul was given to my nephew as a present.
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