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OMG - $1026.00 Razor?

Maybe Dave would know about this.

"Paging D.Irving79. Paging D.Irving79. You're single edge razor knowledge is needed on this thread."
Apparently, this "Dr. Scott" had electric brushes, shaving brushes, corsets,and who knows what else too. Scott was looked at as an apparent quack:


Not sure of the price: I can only echo what's been said - wow. :ohmy:


Razor looks to be the precursor of Kampfe family and Valet to me.
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It's very simple. This is one of those things a dedicated collector would be willing to pay for because of rarity.

As far as recession goes there are plenty of people out there who are doing very well economic issues or not.
This is a very rare piece and for those of us that collect them it is a find. I have only seen one other and it was not for sale. This one is in very nice condition and the case is superb. The price does not surprise me at all.
But dang, I missed it...:cursing:
Bidders go especially cuckoo if there is the original tin box or tube with the razor - it seems the price nearly doubles!:ohmy:
Interesting. Although I usually don't collect stuff that I don't plan to shave with, I might have dropped $25 on this myself. Anyone ready to spend $1000 on it is welcome to it, though.

Because I need stuff spelled out for me, I take it that the razor itself is not "electric" in any meaningful sense. It's just that it was made by a company with "electric" in the name, right?

[EDIT] Actually, if I'd followed the link in Pioneer's earlier post, I would have already known the answer to that question.
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