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Olive oil and Bread


We do that without the salt. Nice crispy French or Italian bread with EVOO. Sometimes we put some hot pepper flakes in the mixture.
There are times when we add some herbs. For example, oregano, fresh basil, etc. are a nice change of pace.


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Loved it back in the day with balsamic added. Needs to be a good bread though.

Now I need a good keto option, lol.
Olive oil, balsamic, pesto, black pepper and a little shredded mozzarella. Yes, I can make a meal of it.


Many of the Mediterranean countries have done this for years. In these countries many live to ripe old ages. There must be something to it.


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Many of the Mediterranean countries have done this for millennia.

Rub a garlic clove on the bread a little bit. Sprinkle a little salt. Grind a little pepper. Drizzle a little oil. Life is good.

Get very good, very fresh, extra virgin olive oil, and you don't need the pepper. The oil is peppery enough on its own.

I've also mopped up more than a little oil from a dish with all those goodies. The vinegar is nice when in the mood, although I tend to go with a little bit of red wine or sherry vinegar when I get my choice. Balsamic tends to overwhelm the olive oil. Any vinegar will if you go with more than a splash.
This is how I grew up in Greece. We call it papara.

Bread (fresh), oil (we never think other than virgin oil), some salt and oregano. That's all. Anything adding on that is not papara.