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Nabulsi Olive oil soap - with glycerine

today i decided to give my heritage soap another go with a modern(ish?) twist
Nabulsi soap (similar to aleppo or Savon de Marseille ) is cooked (yes, cooked) with all natural ingredients like olive oil,soda ash ,lime and water. it barley has any scent, it MUST be left to bloom to able to produce a good lather, it is best paired with a couple glycerine drops to improve slickness, nabulsi soap is a god gift to anyone with sensetive skin.
iam fortunate enough to live near one of the EIGHT remaining nabulsi soap making operations in the world (6 in the west bank, 2 in jordan), i have had the pleasure to talk to the head master who actually TASTES the mixture to tell if it is ready or not to be left to dry.
Olive oil only rarely produces decent shaving soaps.

And if this Nabulsi soap (named after Nablus, Palestine, where it originated) needs a few drops of glycerine, as you suggest, that only proves my point.

But then again, my rule is that any shaving soap that needs the addition of another substance to perform well is - by definition - wanting.

I’ll pass…

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