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WTB Old Spice Mugs

I am only 2 mugs away from what I consider a full set of Old Spice mugs (haven't started collecting the Canadian ones yet) and am hoping someone may be able to help. Please see below for the two I am currently trying to find and feel free to message me if you can assist. Thank you in advance for any help

Late Glass Mug 00 - Early 1960s - with the top lip​


Hull Pottery Mug 02 with this bottom stamp​

I have I believe the 02 Mug but I do not have the Top lip. I also have a friendship mug in great shape but I believe that one is 04. It does not have the stamp on the bottom. I know it’s not exactly what you asked for, but if they may help in any way let me know.
If you have any interest in old spice aftershave box sets let me know. I think I have a complete set(used but original) and one or 2 others missing one of the bottles.
I have 6 still to locate before my collection is complete. Both of these are on my list of 6!

Good luck to you, but not too much because I need to save a little for myself. ;)
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