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FS Razors, blades, Lijun brush and a Old Spice mug


I haven't been active on the forum for many years since i had to quit shaving due to having very sensitive skin. I have a lot of stuff left over from my shaving days and would like to sell them all together. I'm located in Tallinn, Estonia (Europe). Total price with shipping worldwide for everything listed below would be 135USD, but keep in mind when shipping outside of Europe there may be customs import taxes on your behalf. I'm open to negotiations on the price.
Merkur 15C razor - used, excellent condition with original unused Merkur SUPER blade included
Lord L6 razor - used, excellent condition
Lord L5 razor - used, excellent condition
Wilkinson Sword razor - used, excellent condition
MOND-EXTRA razor - very old, in bad shape
Soviet Era razor (green case) - from 1962, slightly used, excellent condition
Soviet Era razor "Kamensk-Uralsky" (black and red case) - new, unused
Soviet Era razor "STRAUME" (clear case) - new, unused

Astra Superior Platinum - 22PCS
Astra Superior Stainless - 7PCS
Polsilver - 10PCS
Gillette 7'O Clock Super Platinum - 4PCS
Gillette Super Thin - 2PCS
Gillette Rubie - 5PCS
Vidyut Super-Max Platinum - 5PCS
Topaz Stainless - 5PCS
BIC Stainless - 7PCS
Treet Platinum - 5PCS
Schick Super - 3PCS
Wilkinson Sword - 4PCS
Perma-Super - 5PCS
Personna Super - 7PCS
Eversharp Super Stainless - 4PCS
Personna Platinum Chrome - 7PCS
Sputnik - 1PCS
Dorco ST300 - 1PCS
Lord Super Chrome - 1PCS
6 Morning Thin Gold - 1PCS

Schick Platinum empty blade case
Lijun badger shaving brush with stand - good condition
Old Spice Shaving mug - from late 1960s, excellent condition
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