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OCtober 2022 - Let's Put the OC in OCTOBER

I'm in! :cornut: . . . . . . (... after I've finished enjoying Slantember.)



I shaved a fortune
I have one OC razor waiting for me when we get home. I doubt I'll use it for every shave in October... but I will post here when I do. ;)

I just couldn't bring myself to buy a slant razor... not sure why. So I am a non-participant in Slantember....but thx to @Cal , I will have a British NEW Raised Flat Bottom, replated by Chris @ Back Roads Gold to try out in October.... just the one OC razor.

I am always in OCtober. And Slantember as well. In two ways every day:

Top cap variations from Fasan, handle variations from me. ;)

My Fasan doppelschräg is on a Fatip handle, not sure how but it fits.
Ohh and I’m in :)

I’m in! I assume we’ll be following last year’s guidelines.
Greetings Open-Comb Shavers --

Open Comb October (aka OCtober) is rapidly approaching. This has been an annual tradition for many years -- last thread I found was in 2013, but it may go back even further than that -- and I hope everyone with an open comb razor will join in. Here is a link to last year's event (OCtober 2019)...and here is a quick summary of the "rules":
  1. There really are no "rules".....all it takes is an OC razor. Even though this thread is housed in the "DE" area, all OC razors are welcome: DE, SE, even those weird (but highly regarded) Wecks!!!

    . If it uses a blade and has an open toothed comb, then it's "in".

  2. We've been taking a "head count" for years, so if you're going to participate (even for a single shave), just let us know with a "I'm in!!!" -- explanation points are optional.
  3. You don't have to shave the whole month with an OC (although it is highly encouraged and respected
    )....some will show for one shave and others for 31. When you do use your OC, please post your shave. It's doesn't have to have a pic (although we REALLY like pictures), just tell us something about your shave....most folks at least mention the razor, the blade (always looking for good razor-blade combos), the soap (always looking for good soaps/creams), the brush (always....well, you get the picture). Most of us are still learning about different razors, and these events are always great for learning about different razors and how they shave.

  4. See rule #1.
So whether you have 1 or considerably more
, come join in the fun. I will be this year's facilitator, unless or until I hear from @Shutterbug57. This is really his thread, but this is also his busy time of the year at work, so I'm happy to help out.

Also -- if you've already said "I'm in" for the OCtober 2021 in the OCtober 2020 thread, then please consider yourself "in".

Also also -- I'm going to make this year's OC thread a little simpler and easier -- let's face it, 2020 and even 2021 hasn't been all that simple or easy -- sooooo, if you think your razor is an "open comb", then it's an "open comb". While I enjoy the vigorous discussion around the R41, an Ever-Ready Shovelhead, a Timeless "OC" scallop, an Enders upside tooth, and of course, the....well, you get the picture. If YOU think it's an OC, then even if some (or maybe even many) of us think differently, we will politely grind our teeth and welcome you with open arms (mostly). ;)

So please join in the fun....this definitely ranks as one of my two 2 shaving months (the other being Slantember/SEptember...which are going on now!).


Imagining solutions for imaginary problems
It's getting CLOOOOOOOOSE!!!! I've already picked out two-OC razors -- that's right, it'll be an OC Daily Double!!!! The exact razors to be used are a secret, but both are considered "pioneers" in their respective blade category (SE & DE)....hmmm, I've probably said too much.
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