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OCtober 2022 - Let's Put the OC in OCTOBER

Looks like I did a bookends here, started at the beginning with a Gillette OT then a new, dropped it, picked up again with the New a couple of days ago. Being Micromatic Monday I thought it fitting to end with my Micromatic OC. I’m usually a little nervous about shaving with this aggressive razor, turns out I needed to mind something else. I posted my thumbnail slicing incident elsewhere:

Yes, still in, and second razor mishap in three days, and I haven’t even shaved yet!


I decided to strop my Gem blade on my Stag Sharpener. (No…wait for it…). Then decided to load blade into my Micromatic early. I wanted to test the mechanism after loading it. The cap is TTO, and it sometimes hangs up while opening it. It did. I pried it open with my thumb, and the blade caught it just below the nail, then made a left turn and continued cutting until nearly the top of the nail.
Slightly disturbing photo:

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(Hmmm, it asked if I wanted to insert a thumbnail; how did it know?)

Anyway, there is not much blood and not any pain, so far. I think I found the problem: there’s a little calcium on the sides of the cap, and the blade is hanging up on it. Soaking and scrubbing with Dove, but this may need an intervention: Vinegar.

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But all’s well that ends well! I got a great smooth shaving experience with Mike’s Barbershop Soap. I managed not to snag or open up the 3 day old cut on my chin, which was a surprise! A DFS for this final day of OCtober and Micromatic Monday. (Looking forward to NOCvember.)
OCtober 31 - across the finish line

Razors: Gem Micromatic Open Comb, SR for neck stubble reduction
Blade: Gem PTFE (3)
Brush: unbranded, re-knotted bronze boar
Soap: Mike's Natural Orange Cedarwood Black Pepper
ASL: Dickinson's Witch Hazel rinse then Floïd The Genuine


Thanks to @flask28 for introducing me to both Mike's Natural Soaps and Floïd, great understated software. Molto minimizzato, in the case of Floïd.

This boar was chosen for an oddball experiment based on a suggestion from the back of an old Dickinson's label:

Not having been bruised, bitten, stung, sunburnt, or scalded I went right to the Shaving subsection and decided to moisten my brush (and make my face lather) with D's witch hazel. TL;DR it is not the best way to make lather, but Mike's and I got away with it, this time.

The shave was extremely close, with major credit to razor and blade rather than lather.
Tabactober/OCtober the Eighth
Tradere OC, Timor (3), Wee Scot, Tabac, Captains Choice Bay Rum aftershave

Didn't have time to post yesterday, so it's going up today.

What a night and day difference it is, running the Timor in the Tradere instead of the Lupo. All the irritation is gone and the shave is downright excellent!
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I tried posting last night but i was having issues. Better late than never

Razor: Feather OC 3 piece by Kai
Blade: Kai
Brush: Fichard Badger
Soap: Crimson Red by Sudsy Soapery
A/S: Crimson Red by Sudsy Soapery
Post: Crimson Red by Sudsy Soapery

My second shave with my recent acquisition. My 1st shave didnt go so well using a feather blade with this feather razor. The razor has some blade feel and each pass was like shaving with shard glass lol. So today i changed it up a little and went with a kai blade and it was no different at first. I continued to change the angle until i went shallow and it felt smoother and better. In the end i got a good shave but the ride to get there.. a little rough. Lol
Before they close the door on this thread i thought I would sneak another in.

Razor: Unbranded DE OC razor
Blade: Personna
Brush: Custom Cedar w/ Synthetic
Soap: Stirling Executive Man
Post: Lemon Witch hazel
A/S: Pinaud Musk

In my humble opinion this is the best OC razor ever made. It isnt aggressive but it delivers! BBS smooth. This razor doesnt get enough love by the community. It may look cheap but it shaves high class.
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