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OCtober 2021

Razor: Gillette Goodwill #162 + Gold FatTech handle
Blade: Personna Lab Blue
Brush: Simpson Butterscotch Chubby 2 Synthetic
Pre-Shave: Proraso White
Lather: Noble Otter The Noir et Vanille
Aftershave: Proraso Green Splash
Additional Care:
Thayers Facial Tonic Witch Hazel Unscented
Imperial Leather Talcum Powder

Tomorrow being Schick Sunday for me, this will be my last OCtober shave. Thanks Fred, for hosting this!


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OCtober 30

Brush: Yaqi Timber Wolf
Blade: 7 O'clock Super Stainless
Razor: UK Gillette Tech with 3D printed Old Type base plate

I decided to give the 3D printed base plate another shot in my UK Gillette Tech. The base plate turned this razor from mild to wild. I ended up with three weepers after two passes. I brought out my Leresche for touch-ups.

2021-10-30 19.05.07.jpg
Last night, I had shave #38 with blade #2 of the vintage Polisilver Stainless Steel blades. The blade was held in place with a Fatip Open Comb Grande in gold that I bought off the BST. The Grande was definitely lighter than the Piccolo and there is a distinct difference in how each balances and feels in the hand. While I prefer the overall dimensions of the Grande's handle, as of now, I prefer the Piccolo's balance.

I used Tabac (tallow) shaving soap and made a good slick and cushiony lather with it.

Prior to the shave, I showered with warm water and also used warm water to soak my Semogue Owners Club cherry wood handle finest badger brush. After shaking my brush to remove some water, I picked up the soap puck in my left hand and swirled my brush across it for 40 seconds before scooping up the protolather and transferring it to my Captain's Choice Seaworthy lather bowl. What I couldn't remove from my hands, I rubbed on my face.

Next, I rinsed the remaining protolather off my fingers with some tap water and collected the soapy water in an empty cup. I then picked up my brush and began to stir it in the lather bowl while gradually adding some of the soapy water to make my lather. When my lather looked shave-ready, I applied a little of the soapy water to my face by hand before each lather pass.

I did my usual two pass (WTG and ATG) shave and buffed my trouble areas. My Grande had more blade feel and exposure than my Piccolo. Where with the Piccolo, the shaves had been smooth and I pretty much never felt the blade, with the Grande, I couldn't find an angle where I did not feel the blade. Still, I managed a BBS without cutting myself. That said, my previous shaves with the Piccolo felt better overall.

I cleaned up my shave with my usual alum block pass before washing it off and applying aftershave splash (Stirling Spice) and aftershave balm (Van der Hagen Post Shave Soothing Balm). As with my shaves with my Piccolo, I felt no sting from the alum block though I felt a bit of sting from the alcohol in the splash, though.

This was my sixth time using the VDH balm. Again, I used a little less than pea sized amount of the balm and got a better skin feel (i.e., less "heavy"/greasy) but still perspired a bit more on areas of my face to which I applied the balm than areas without the balm.

All in all, I would also give this shave a 98.5/100.

OCtober-Final Sun 31 SOTD
Soap The Goodfellas Smile Sea Citrus
Brush Yaqi 24mm Atlantis
Razor Gillette Goodwill
Blade SuperShaver X 2nd Use
Aftershave TGS Sea Citrus
Another excellent soap with nice aquatic scent and creamily thick slick lather...
This blade performs better when paired with the razor. Really easy, smooth and comfortable 3passes for a bbs finish without any issues. Matching aftershave was great too.
OCt 29 & 30 - on the road again

Four-piece Gillette thick cap Old Type travel set
Super-Max Blue Diamond platinum (1 & 2)
Barbasol Sensitive cream
Camamu Swagger toner & aftershave

Nothing special, just getting shaved and on with the tasks at hand. The Camamu is a local product - understated distant cousin of Pinaud VIBR.
SOTD #261/2021

>> SOCTOBER / OCtober <<

Preshave: shower, frigid tap water
Brush: Semogue Owners Club Mistura Taj
Soap: Stirling Soap ~ Pharaoh's Dreamsiecle
Razor: Mühle R41 Twist
Blade: Polsilver Super Iridium (1)
Post shave: frigid tap water, Stirling Soap ~ Pharaoh's Dreamsiecle, Neutrogena Hydro Boost Aqua Creme.

Happy final shave of OCTOBER!
Started with the RFB, it ends with the RFB. The perfect combination of smoothness & efficiency in my experience with all of Gillette’s OC variants. An easy 3 passer that left little doubt when all was said and done. Finished with the last shave in superb BBS fashion.

Great month of OCtober with fantastic pics & posts from all the shave brethren that participated. Truly some classy kits from outstanding Gents. Shout out to the OP for another well done event that is always a treat when it comes around once a year.

Great shaves to all…..

Gillette RFB/Lord Platinum-Fendrihan 24mm Tux B&C-Grooming Dept Incense&Rose soap-Ethos Grooming Replenish Serum-Nivea Vanilla&Bourbon splash-Issey Miyake Pour Homme Or Encens edp
Timeless Ti .95 OC
Feather Hi-Stainless
Fine Platinum
SOC 2-Band Finest


This was my last shave of OCtober and it was a winner! Thanks to @Flintstone65 for starting the thread and to everyone who participated. It was a really good month of OC shaves and I look forward to doing it again next year. Be well and stay safe...

-- Benjamin

Well.... I store my blades in a Parker 87r in a stand with the doors open.... Today I accidently grabbed what I thought was a Shark Super Stainless... After having a DFS+ shave, took apart and cleaned the Jaws razor and noticed what I thought was a terrible unequal bevel on the blade... Turned out that I loaded two blades, the other a Sharks Super Chrome 😱
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