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October 2021 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)

Still in.

36 hour dwell

Stirling Executive Man soap
Omega Professional
Wilkinson Sword Classic (1)
Stirling Executive Man AS

Date night so I brought out the Executive Man combo.

We’re adopting this beautiful rescue below. She’s a 7 YO golden doodle who hasn’t seen a vet or groomer in 4 years. Her X-ray indicates that she was hit with bird shot at some time 😠. She’s also morbidly obese and has a torn ligament in her hind leg. But, she is oh so sweet and we can’t wait to get her in good health.

Peace. F6DCAE53-A7CC-4783-8D19-F7890B013A4E.jpeg
Still in.

I'm busy breaking in the boar brushes and I must say that this year's experience with many boar brushes have helped me with the understanding of the process.

The Galahad C3 in IB knot has progressed and the RazoRock 506U in Olive Wood handle has progressed tremendously. There is some scritch in the central bristles, others have split nicely.

This way my boar brushes are almost ready for my first Decemboar!

My Stirling Duke has seen some progress in usage and I can see the central part of the soap becoming translucent - there is light at the end of the tunnel!

I'm finally able to load the brushes with enough soap to get good quality lather for 3 passes, this has been a gradual progression in my understanding of how much soap is enough.

I used to underload and that was the culprit in many a bad shaves.

My storage space is filled up to the brim after filling it up with Tabac (tallow) refills and Speick (Vegan) Sticks.

Another good excuse to not to peruse especially in the festive season.

I'll be seeing you all in the November GRUME.
Prep : warm shower / Bulldog original face wash
Brush : Proraso boar by Omega
Cream : Nivea Cream blue
Razor : Merkur 34 C
Blade : Bic Chromium (4)
Post : alum block , Nivea cooling balm , Gold bond powder

Final shave of the month. lazy Saturday morning and enjoyable shave. The temps are finally down here in this part of Texas so I got the Nivea Cream out again, enjoyable shave … but still a tad to warm to use it in my opinion, I will wait for some more cooler weather again. The after shave balm is almost out after 3.5 month of almost constant use.

I will not be part of next month GRUME, can’t remember when my first was but probably March or April with no fail, but this less than year old wet shaver wants some more stuff … So out of the GRUME I go and waiting for the black Friday I will. I have decided on a Merkur Progress, a full on blue Proraso kit and a soap and after shave balm from sterling not 100% sure of which kind (Sharp dressed man, Executive man, Baker Street after all I am due back to the office in early January). And well this Newbie gotta put on his big boy pants and buy a full 100 blade sleeve, Voshkod it will be.

See ya in December my friends
Hope everyone has a great day, I can't wait for the weekend/trick of treating, my little one can sorta walk (needs a hand) and I am looking forward to hitting 2-3 houses for candy.
Oh I remember those days ... now it is more about how fast they can ditch the grown up and how many house they can stop by ... the fun never cease, just change ... enjoy your evening and don't forget the after madness drink you'll deserve it.
What is your opinion on the scent of Duke? For a while the aftershave was my scent of choice when dressing nice but for some reason it's starting to turn me off a little bit.
I like the Duke very much, it is not too cologne kind of scent.
When it was new I used to get more complex scent and now after about 60-70 shaves (I used to underload) the scent has mellowed.

Now I get some ginger, very faint mix of mix of cardamom and soapy, some tallow kind of smell only.
I still like it and will be finishing it up but I realized that Stirling soaps last a good while and Duke will not be purchased.

This is a very good thing as I get to use a scent for a good while, get satisfied with it and then move on to the next.

Duke was never too heavily scented (maybe initially) in a way that would hurt my nose and I like to believe that I don't prefer many dupes just because I don't want powerful cologne scent as my shaving soap.

You already have a good idea about the performance of the Stirling soaos so I'll not go on with it and just say that apart from Tabac (tallow) Stirling soaos are multiples in my rotation and I plan to add more from their line-up as well.
October 31 - Made it.

Shaved 2 times today, headshave in the morning and face in the afternoon.
Cleanshaved now, shaved off my goatee as well.
Feels kinda weird, haven't seen my chin in over two years.

I will not participate next month.
Will restock some aftershaves and a few other things for next year.
And there is a brush I have been looking at...
...and maybe, just maybe I'll buy a new razor.

Next month I go all in No Shave November.

Todays second shave:


Razor: R41
Blade: Gillette Super Thin (6)
Brush: Yaqi Moka Express 2-Band
Soap: RR American Barber (finished)
Aftershave: RR American Barber

See you all in December
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