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Two weeks in to my DE shaving journey and I'm hooked. I'm in my 50s and feel like I've missed out on this hidden secret and have now opened a door into a vast world of opportunity. OK maybe I'm overstating it a bit...lol. Seriously though, I am really into it and now seriously look forward to shaving in the morning where it had been just a task for me. What pushed me into the world was the ridiculous cost of the cartridges. After paying $2+ for cartridges that lasted 4 shaves, I felt it time to stop feeding that beast.
I've started with a cheap setup ($15 Weishi DE from Amazon, Cremo SC, Dorco blades). It has worked well but added some pre-shave oil, alum block and cremo mint after-shave. The pre-shave oil made a huge difference for me and it only took me about 5 shaves to work my face map properly (minimal irritation/nicks) with the razor. The alum block tells provides the feedback on how good a job I've done :biggrin1:. I have a very thick beard (not a ton of hair though) and sensitive skin so I'm considering getting a slant (Merkur 37c). My only regret so far is buying a 100pack of the Dorco blades. I'll probably get a sample pack when I order the Merkur and would advise anyone else who's starting out to do the same.
I have read a lot of positive reviews on the 37C and I just picked up a used one for cheap but haven’t tried it yet. I have a cheaper Parker slant that shaves very well and has a nicer handle for a few bucks less then the 37C. Will be interesting comparing them.

But if you are open to other razor options in the same price range I really recommend the Razorock GameChanger 84p. It’s stainless and will last a lifetime unlike some Zamak razors like the Merkurs which may (or may not) hold up well. Out of 20+ razors it’s outshaved everything so far including razors that cost 2-3 times as much and seems to be a very universally liked razor.

It’s a medium aggressive razor but still shaves very smooth and will do great with coarser hair. They also offer a milder 68p that is currently sold out but I think the 84p is mild enough for most people and is a better shaver.

If you want something a little more mild to try the Muhle R89 or Edwin Jagger DE89 are great mild shavers for about $25-30. They are also made out of Zamak like the Merkur so may not last a lifetime but should hold up if you take care of it.

For blades I’d recommend you try these even if you have to buy them separate - Astra SP (green box), Gillette Silver Blue, Nacet, German Wilkinson Sword Classic in black and white box. Those are all my favorites. A couple others many people love but aren’t as good for me are PermaSharp, Bic Platinum. For the money it’s hard to beat the Astras.

For soap if your on a budget the Prorasso green is some good cream/soap for about $8-10 each. But if you ever want to try a good artisan soap the Barrister & Mann soaps with their Omnibus base is killer and gives me much smoother shaves then anything else I’ve tested so far.

For brushes I really like the cheap plain synthetic Rockwell brush or a plain Razorock with their basic knot.

You will get countless recommendations on things being new, but I tried to sum up a lot of things people as a whole tend to like and not just my personal opinion. I could list a dozen more razor recommendations but didn’t want to confuse it too much. And I bet the 37C will make you happy if you decide to stick with it. But know there are lots more options out there that you’ll probably like even more and if you don’t mind used shaving equipment the marketplace here has lots of nice stuff listed daily.
Welcome! If you are hoping to save money, as you said carts were too expensive, be warned, this Forum can be dangerous to your bank account! If you really want to save money follow the GRUME threads, and 3017 your soap, aftershave and anything else before you want to buy anything else! You have been warned! As others have said, B&B is a special place, very respectful and friendly.
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