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Recommendations for a first Razor but with minimal passes - more info inside


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I realize I am late to the game, but an Edwin Jagger or a vintage Tech would be my choice, and I would use a sharp nut not "Feather or Kai sharp" blade like a Personna Lab Blue or a Gillette Silver Blue. I get fine lather with five seconds atop the puck and find the lathering process no longer than canned cream due to the use of the brush and a warm lather. Loads, and then some, of brush and soap recommendations are out there, but a can of Pre de Provence and a small Simpson synthetic will not break the bank and will do very well.

Once you have it down pat, consider a stainless steel razor, a badger brush, and a puck of Martin de Candre.

Even though I am late, it is my belief that this would be good advice for anyone moving beyond foam and cartridges.
Hi all, new to the DE world and could use some advice with the sheer amount of information and choices out there. (Hope this is the right place to post this)

Up until now I've just been using regular shaving foam and cartridges, looking to make the switch to DE razors. One of the reasons I'm looking to switch is irritation on my neck from cartridges, partly due to the agressiveness of them but also due to me shaving against the grain (something I've only just realised I've been doing on that part of my neck, didn't realise the hair grew different ways)

Had lots of chats with the people at executive shaving, but not sure how much is actual advice vs trying to sell the products they sell so coming here for a second opinion.

The main worry with DE shaving is the amount of extra time it takes over cartridge shaving, so I'm looking for something which would enable me to only do minimal passes and be fairly quick (but obviously taking my time during the pass).

I have been looking at:
Muhle R89
Merkur 34C
Merkur 300C Progress adjustable

From what I understand (please correct me if I'm wrong):
The R89 and 34C are both fairly mild razors, with the 34C slightly less mild. Both are good for beginners, and if I wanted a closer shave I could get sharper blades in.
The Progress would allow me to adjust to be more agressive once I get better technique, allowing me to do less passes and thus take less time to shave but comes at a greater cost.

My current plan of products to buy alongside:
Wilkinson Sword blades that have PTFE coating to start, moving on to Feather blades later once I get better
Pre-shave oil and Shave Cream that is applied by hand, again trying to save time to not use a brush + bowl (hope I don't offend anyone by doing this)

Would really appreciate any advice on the above (or any suggestions for different razors, with around the same budget in mind) as well as the shaving routine plan!

I started with a post-war Gillette Tech (‘46-50), moved to an Edwin Jagger DE89 for 10 years, and then back to the Tech after the EJ broke. I wish I’d never gone to the EJ. It’s a fine razor, but that Tech gives a better shave. Plus, it’s cool shaving with something 75 years old.

Embrace the time it takes to do a quality shave. Make it an enjoyable experience you look forward to.
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