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Two weeks in to my DE shaving journey and I'm hooked. I'm in my 50s and feel like I've missed out on this hidden secret and have now opened a door into a vast world of opportunity. OK maybe I'm overstating it a bit...lol. Seriously though, I am really into it and now seriously look forward to shaving in the morning where it had been just a task for me. What pushed me into the world was the ridiculous cost of the cartridges. After paying $2+ for cartridges that lasted 4 shaves, I felt it time to stop feeding that beast.
I've started with a cheap setup ($15 Weishi DE from Amazon, Cremo SC, Dorco blades). It has worked well but added some pre-shave oil, alum block and cremo mint after-shave. The pre-shave oil made a huge difference for me and it only took me about 5 shaves to work my face map properly (minimal irritation/nicks) with the razor. The alum block tells provides the feedback on how good a job I've done :biggrin1:. I have a very thick beard (not a ton of hair though) and sensitive skin so I'm considering getting a slant (Merkur 37c). My only regret so far is buying a 100pack of the Dorco blades. I'll probably get a sample pack when I order the Merkur and would advise anyone else who's starting out to do the same.
Hey man! Welcome! Glad to have to here.

Feel free to post and ask as many questions as needed.
Yes, if you wish to actually save money I recommend a cheap synthetic brush like the Razorock or Rockwell with brown knot $10-15.

Then stick with a cheaper soap/cream like Prorasso green for $8 or so, or pay a little more for the B&M Omnibus.

Find the blades you like and get a couple boxes of them. Most are $8-12 per 100 and the Astra SPs are great for $8.

Try 2-3 razors you think you’ll like and sell the spares. $30-50.

This would be an initial investment of about $75-100 and then about $30-50 a year thereafter depending on soap and such. You can do this a bit cheaper with even cheaper soap/cream. Whatever you do don’t keep reading the forums if your on a budget and don’t want to spend more money.
Welcome to B&B where the people are amazing and the information is only limited by the rabbit holes that we chase.
Advantages to coming back to traditional wet shaving for me just before turning 50 was that my patience is much more so than when I tried it initially in my 20's and my shaving experience thanks me for that....
Disadvantage is that now having money the rabbit holes often beckon 🤦🏻‍♂️😂


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Welcome to Badger and Blade my friend!

Everyone has given you enough material to digest, so I shall abstain!
Welcome aboard the SS Enablement!

What Dorco’s did you use? ST300HQ? The Titan is quite a formidable blade. But blades are as “your mileage may vary” as it gets. I know brother here that get nothing but irritation and bad shaves with Feathers while other love them and shave 150+ times with one blade!

As far as razors go I would first venture out to the affordable ones first and try the safety bar and open comb versions before heading to more expensive razors - if you need to be heading there at all.

And as @Markdad2 already mentioned we are here to support you in using what you have and enjoying that too!


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