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Night vs Day Shaving

I'm up every weekday at 0500, and my morning shave is the best motivation for me to get out of bed. I could skip it and sleep until 0530, but I usually can't wait to be scraping steel across my face.
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Started as a night shaver, since I've always showered at night and it made sense. Kept up the habit up straight through my mach3 days, and while I was learning to shave with a DE.

Now I prefer a morning shave though, as I shoot for a shave that looks good but is not too close to give me ingrown hairs, and I don't want to sleep away the "best" hours of the shave. That said, I still fall back on a night shave occasionally as a force of habit, or because I'm an insomniac. :w00t:
I'm retired, but generally I still shave in the morning. If feeling lazy I'll do it later in the day though. I shave 7 days a week, rarely missing a day.
Night shaver here. A nice before bed ritual. Heat up some water in the kettle, pour it into the scuttle, soak the brush. Do a relaxed pre-shave face wash and hot towel treatment. It's nice man-pampering. Take my time.

I'm blonde so I don't get the immediately noticeable 5 O'Clock shadow. For me, it's more about the ritual.
I've shaved before sunrise, the middle of the day and long after the sun has gone down. It really depends on why I'm shaving, i.e., for work, for a function or for me. I can't say that it makes any difference, so this is really just a matter of "do you prefer white chocolate or dark chocolate?".

I can't say which I prefer: going out the door in the morning freshly shaved or hitting the sheets last thing at night and the feeling of my whiskerless cheeks on fresh bedding. Mmm.

I dont have to be clean shaven for work, so I will have at it whenever I've got time. I like the evening because I can take my time. I like the morning, because then I've got a fresh shave for the day. I dont think there's a wrong argument here.


I go back and forth depending on how my schedule shakes out. Like others have said, I enjoy things about both morning and evening shaves, so I don't think that I prefer either one. I frequently shower twice a day (once in the morning, and once in the afternoon after my workout) I just do what works in my schedule and where my facial hair is when I take shower.
Pro of morning shave: You head out for your day feeling sharp and fresh shaved. :thumbup1:

Pro of night shave: It's a nice relaxing way to finish off your day and you can take your time. Plus you have until morning for your face to recover should the shave go south :blink:
Night shave here - In addition to the above bolded comments, I shower in the evening for the same reasons. My SWMBO also enjoys that I smell great when I get in bed ;)
My assumption is that you are referring to normal people who sleep at night and work by day.
I started military service before I had any serious whiskers. I remember a speech-impaired drill sergeant admonishing the more postpubescent troops "it behoove you to shay your fa' in da morning! I know an overnight growth whe' I see one!"
I took that to mean that in such an environment, one was to report for duty freshly shaved as the duty day began. I've stayed with that ever since. Usually the duty day begins in the morning but sometimes there are 24-hour and on-call duty cycles, but wherever possible I stick with mornings.
That does not mean mornings are the ideal time. As enthusiasts, some of us shave in the evening to get more time to enjoy it, absent any time-pressure to get out the door. Still, that makes for an overnight growth the next day; be that good, bad, or indifferent.
Up at 4:30 am anyhow so I shave in the evening after my shower until the weekends then any hour is fair game