Next step after Muhle R41?

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    Is there a link to the trick?
  1. Ikon shavecraft tech for me is more of a challenge to shave with compared to the r41 which i tamed over time with experience
  2. Your FUTUR is now. I use the r41 daily. My futur can be set much more than that. That being said my next purchase will be the Timeless. 95 but I haven't used one yet.
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    For get the Machete here is what a member here did..

    I actually went down this road looking for a more aggressive shave. I switched to a OCMM single edge and then a shavette and finally to straights. Get a Weck vintage Shavette or a feather DX.
  4. Sorry, I almost got burned at the stake for heresy so I didn't include it originally:
    Making your own adjustble razor

    I think I covered my X3 experiment in that thread, but not sure.
  5. +1 on a Weck Sextoblade, and with a name like that, how can you NOT go down that road!
  6. As far as safety razors, hard to imagine anything more aggresive than a Futur on 6 (maybe a Progress on 10). But agreed, a machete definitely would be more aggressive. Also a samurai. Feather make one?
  7. Thanks for the info. Think I'll be looking into a ikon x3 in the next order ;)
  8. My Feather AC wins the aggressiveness contest. The disposable blade is sharper than my straight.

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  9. Maybe start looking at some of the more aggressive single edges? Ikon El Jefe (blemished) is on sale now. I found it to be more "efficient" than my R41...depending on how I set adjusted the blade placement.

    Futur too
  10. Not a bad idea, The Ever-Ready Shovelhead can be quite aggressive!
  11. Shimming the R41 could also be an option?
  12. I took a plastic razor safety razor and cut off the guards. There are any number of different razors that would work, I chose a Gillette Super Click. I used a simple pair of scissors to remove the guards and then used a nail file to smooth off any roughness. A lighted match would also work for that purpose.

    Mostly done as an experiment. It works well enough and I use it occassionally. There are a lot of things shavers with too much time on their hands do just because they can.
  13. Both are super mild comparing to R41. They are very different slants.

    X3 got a huge gap but such negative blade exposure that you hardly feel any blade at all. The quality of X3 is bad. You have to align the blade by using your finger nails against the blade edge each time you load a new blade (the tabs are covered). The blade alignment posts are really too small. Because of the bigger gap, this one is more efficient on several days of growth.

    #102 is aligning the blade properly automatically and is of much higher quality. Between X3 and #102, #102 is shaving closer. It got a very tiny gap, so it works best as a daily shaver. If you have been several days unshaven, you risk clogging it.

    As a side note, slants are not inherently more aggressive than any other kind of razor. For all razors, it is still all about a combination of blade exposure, angle and gap.
  14. How about changing from voskhod blades to something like polsilvers or feathers. Just cannot imagine anyone needs a razor more aggressive than an r41
  15. Good call- hadn't even thought about playing around with blades. Haha. The RAD is real sometimes ;)
  16. I recommend Merkur Futur.
  17. Ikon tech and be done. It's way more aggressive than the R41. The H1 from ATT to me is more aggressive than the R41 but smoother
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    "And be done." Blasphemy! The gold ring is always out there, just past your outstretched hand...

    Seriously, the Ikon Tech is a tremendous choice. I used to think it was much more aggressive than the R41 (both 2013 and 2011), but the more I use it, the more I tame it. It's still "tuggier" than my other favorite DEs, but a very nice, close, long-lasting shave. My H2 is also a nice shave, and a bit tuggier on my face than my R41s.

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