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New Turchetta knots

Just got a couple of the new English super badger knots. They seem to be quite nice so far.

Here's the first prototype: black delrin with floorescent orange layer, 21mm knot, 45mm loft, long handle. Not super-dense like a Rooney, but the short loft gives it some backbone, and the bristles are soft to begin with.
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Nice looking brush, did you get the knot from Tony? I am waiting for him to get in some more of his hand tied knots as I want to try one out.

If you got the knot from some other place I would be most interested in getting the contact information.

Also nice handle, did you turn it yourself or purcased it. I am now getting started in turning handles for intertainment and looking for the perfect knot, handle combination.

Thanks for any information you are able to supply.
How do you like turning the black delrin?
I bought some 1 1/2 and started turning a handle.
I didn't like turning it so I've never finished it, I don't get very good results turning the other synthetic handle materials either.
I did turn the handle myself. The delrin seemed fine to turn. Not as much "character" as wood, but it sure is waterproof!
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