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New kid on the block....

After becoming fed up with the cost of Gillette Mach 3 blades, I've decided to go back to a double edged safety razor like I used in high school. Since I'm jumping back into it, I was looking for a razor and came across this:

weishi razor

(Kinda hard to beat since it's on special for $15.00). Do you think this would be a good starter razor for someone like me?
Thanks for any advice!
Welcome back to the DE world and B&B. Whether the Waishi for $15 is a "Good" deal depends upon the performance it provides for you and whether it meets your needs. There are many new entries in the double edge razor arena, including a lengthy line of Parkers (Indian), Waishi (Korean or was it Chinese?), and others.
You can buy a new Merkur 1904 for a few dollars more and have a razor with Solingen quality built in. Do you require a twist to open? Does it have to be a new razor? Need it be adjustable? Answer these few questions and perhaps it will be simpler to assist you in your search.
We have a collection of gents here that will tell you the only razor you need for life is the Merkur HD.:001_rolle
There are numerous options. Once again, what are your needs and desires? BTW, good luck!
What I used to use is what my Dad gave me. After looking at the Gillette sticky thread, I believe is was the #3 Superspeed. It was a twist open & I never had any problems using it (since that's what I learned to shave with). Not really concerned with an adjustable right now...I just want to get a good solid DE to get back in the groove. I will probably add a slant model at a later time (after I find the blades I like).
Welcome to B&B, Kalypso.

If you would like to start back up with an older gillette (similar or the same as what you started with) you should be able to find them both on ebay and in the "Shaving Mall" forum. If interested, you could start by posting a WTB thread and see if any of our members have such an item that they are willing to part with.
After doing some more forum reading, I ran by the local Target today & bought Proraso Pre/After shave cream & their soap in a bowl. (I still have the old badger brush my Dad gave me....needless to say, it needs replacing. I also have a mug and a cake of Delux Van Der Hagen soap I had just picked up at Walgreens on Friday). I've decided to order this brush: http://www.knoxcigar.com/mupibabr8.html and a Merkur #163 razor.

How does this sound (to you seasoned vets here) as a good re-starter kit?
Those goodies will get you oar back in the water!:001_smile
The razor appears to be the Classic and should be a moderate to mild shaver. Don't short yourself on blades. You may wish to get a 10 pack of Merkurs to get started. These are very fine blades that seem to be somewhat forgiving more forgiving.:thumbup1:
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