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New(ish) to the forum, moving from lurking to participating

Hi all,

after months of lurking the forum, it's time for me to start participating as well.

I'm quite a newbie when it comes to shaving with a safety razor. I started using a safety razor in February of this year, after hating shaving for over 2 decades. I tried it all in that time: cartridges from all brands, foil razors, rotary razors, back to cartridges and so on. Every razor gave me irritation and razor bumps if I tried to maintain a smooth shave by shaving daily or bi-daily. I eventually settled for a Philips OneBlade, giving up on the BBS feeling but also getting rid of most of the irritation.

I never tried a safety razor before. Such an ancient and dangerous contraption! But then my wife came home with a safety razor. She read about it online and bought one on a fair. And she didn't bleed to death or even injured herself after using it for the first time! She didn't even cut herself.

Well, if she can do it I can do it too! So I took her razor and loaded one of her blades and started shaving. Of course that first shave wasn't a very good one. It took me about 45 minutes, excluding all videos I watched before I started, but I was still alive and most parts of my face were quite smooth!

Things got better fast. After a couple of weeks of trying with her razor and blades (both unknown brands) I bought myself a Merkur 34C and a blade sample pack. And since then, the shaves got better and the RAD got worse 🙃

Fast forward, 3 months later. I now have 3 razors (1930's Laurel Vest Pocket open comb, 1950's Gillette Tech Ball-end, Merkur 34C) and tried 7 out of 15 blades in the pack. I lean towards the sharper yet comfortable blades such as Gillette Platinum, Personna Platinum Chrome, but I still have a couple of blades to try. And even better: I actually started to like shaving!

I really regret ignoring safety razors for so long...
Kudos to your wife for jumping in on her own! Im trying to convert my husband (he hates shaving so much he's sworn it off) but he usually lets me convince him after i do the research portion of us changing methods/tools in the house. (I also buy our power tools) hopefully i find the tools that work for us.
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