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Hello everyone a post newbie here

Having read many B&B posts for various topics I finally decided I should sign up. Like most everyone I got hooked on wet shaving after giving up on cartridge razors and loved it. Cartridge shaving was no joy just something you had to do but switching to safety razors and discovering real shave cream I have never looked back. After a few years shaving with DE razors, most of them old, I finally decided to take the plunge into straight razors a few months ago. Where I am at in that progression is I can shave with the grain without cutting myself but I still get the odd nick going against the grain and am still trying to figure out how to do that while going across my neck because that is the way my beard grows. Normally I shave with the DE's during the week but skip it on Friday so there's lots to mow down with a straight on Saturday morning. I have had a few good shaves with a straight but they still haven't yet matched the DE's for closeness but I will keep working on it and at least I am no longer bleeding every time.

So far I am finding the smaller straights to be the best, like my 4/8's King Cutter but I have about 12 working straights with a box full of old ones awaiting my attention. Looking for a near wedge chopper as I don't have one of those yet though I do have a 6/8's W&B on its way. I have a fondness for frame backs just because I like their looks. I am handy with tools and don't live in NA so I have been honing my own razors and making my own scales. It is the pins & washers I am having trouble sourcing though I have some coming in shortly and hopefully they will be better than the ones I have.

I admit to breaking the rules in doing all my shaving in the shower so trying to keep my non-SS straights from rusting has been an issue. Did I mention I live in a place surrounded by rain forest? I tried camellia oil but gave up on it when I saw a spot of rust on my Bartman. I have since switched to a petroleum based oil which seems to work well but requires it to be cleaned off before touching the strop with it. But I haven't had any more rust problems.

Anyway just wanted to introduce myself to you all and thank those of you who have unknowingly but kindly helped me in the past with your posts of welcome advice. So a big thanks to you all and a hello.
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