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Need help with Razor Identification

Antique Hoosier

Digging through some old boxes from at least 10 years ago if not more I came across a straight razor that I’m having trouble identifying the Cutler. Looks Sheffield perhaps regrind, tang is stamped on both sides simply A.F. Smart. Very old horn scales with bullseye pinning only on one side.

I’ve always thought of myself as a good researcher and I know Google is my friend but I haven’t found anything on A.F. Smart. I guess I’m not as Smart A.F. as I thought. Anyone well versed in Sheffield or other British blades able to help? Thought about reaching out to Zak Jarvis, @Voidmonster on the
forums but haven’t seen him post lately and maybe he took a few years break like I did. Or maybe he will get the Bat Signal.

Appreciate any help.
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