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Identify this razor?

So looking for help identifying the razor. Its previous owner thought that it might be French from the time of the Napoleonic Wars (so early 1800s). In my view it has clearly been restored with heavy sanding/grinding to remove most of the rust pitting. There is still a touch of active rust, but overall the metal is very shiny. There are no markings of any kind. It is about 6/8” wide, with a wedge grind and a rather peculiar deep barber’s notch at the toe.

The scales are almost entirely straight and in my inexpert opinion are ivory. I base this on 3 ”tells”
1) They look identical in color and surface appearance to one of my razors that I am sure has ivory scales.
2) No washers under the pin heads
3) The scales are very thin - I’ve noticed that my ivory scaled razors have much thinner scales compared to horn, wood, plastic.

My own guess is that it is probably French, probably no later than 1870. But I’ve never seen pre-1850 French razors, only Sheffield ones.
It is recommended that you take pictures of the words and patterns on the razor, which will help you find the answer.
There are no words, no patterns. Probably was not that way initially, but as mentioned, I suspect that this razor was reground at some point. It’s just way too shiny for a razor of this age - also can see some remnants of pitting which I am guessing was much heavier at some point.


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I think you are pretty on the money. The scales are ivory, for sure. The dark patches are staining, which you get on ivory sometimes. The scale shape and blade also feel like mid 1800’s France.

I’m not so sure it is a regrind. Generally a reground razor from the early, mid 1800’s would be made more hollow in the process. I think it is fairly original, though someone has removed rust, as you say.
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The style and shape remind me a bit of my Jacques LeCoultre frameback.

One interesting similarity is they both seem to have an ivory wedge, rather than the more usual lead.

Maybe yours is Swiss.

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