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Need help identifying a straight

While going through a box of straights, I came across what I think is an unusual straight but I can’t make out the name.
The blade is notched on the end and has a double thumb notch. The blade is stamped “Silver Steel”, but all I can make out on the tang is “ham”.
Any help and a history would be greatly appreciated.



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Going to take a wild guess, but the ...HAM could be the end of Birmingham, where razors were also manufactured, though not as many as Sheffield. Maybe?

There are a few manufacturers who made razors with that double notch in that time, including W Greave & Sons, Joseph Rodgers, etc. Mid 1800's.


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Are straights like this one unusual? I forgot to mention that it has wooden scales.
Well... not super unusual. But it is a genuine antique, and looks like it could clean up well.

Lets say, they are out there, and I have seen a number of similar ones on the internet, but if I found one for sale for a fair price I would probably grab it and be well pleased with myself. It's a good score.
I guess it’s a no-no to ask about prices?
The edge appears to have an uneven hone. Can that be fixed? How about the pitting? Wet/dry? If so, what grit?
Is it worth getting it rescaled?


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Can’t give prices.

weird grind is pretty normal for the age.

need pics of the scales for assessment
While it doesn't look like the standard Bingham mark, I would guess CT Bingham. Here's a Fenney Tally Ho that I sadly had to shorten. I believe that Fenney became Bingham.

Looks a lot like the end of the Durham stamp but they were later and only did removable blade stuff that I know of.

Did they ever make straights before the DE stuff?


Looks like horn scales on a faux frameback. With those collars reminds me of stuff mid 1800s. Lead wedge? Both razor and scales about shot and spent.
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