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Help Identifying An Old Straight Razor?

Can anyone help me identify what I might have here? I recently received this antique wooden straight razor case as a Valentine’s gift from my wife, and inside was this very old stubtail razor. The razor has no “monkey tail” at all. It is set in brown horn scales with a bone wedge. There is jimping underneath the long tang, and the blade has a bit of a smile. The blade seems to be slightly hollow ground. There are no markings or stamps anywhere at all on the razor that I can make out. The horn scales have a few bug bites, but I think they could possibly be repaired. I would like to try to restore it, but before I do, I wanted to know what it might be, and possibly what time period it’s from. I don’t want to ruin it. Thanks for any help you guys could offer.


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Very likely French, where that blade style was popular a lot later than anywhere else, and I'd estimate ~1800'ish.
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