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Need Help: Continental Pro V Straight Razor

I was in an antique mall today and ran across a Continental Pro V (or Pro V Continental) straight razor. It was in it's original box with two boxes of blades. The box had a clear lid with the blades and razor resting in the box insets. It looked like it had never been used or if so, very little. The price was $12. Anyone know anything about this razor?

I have two vintage DE razors and four vintage SE razors but I know nothing about straight razors.
Sorry I don't know anything specific about that one but it's not a straight. Its a disposable blade type. Just make sure you can get replacement blades for it. Some can use a DE blade and some need special ones which could be hard to source depending on if its a vintage unit or still being made.


If it's anything like the Durham Duplex razors, a modern carpet blade can be used.
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