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NBN is coming. (National Broadband Network)


A little update on the NBN. We are supposed to be going to the NBN network in April. We were at Junee yesterday at LOTH's sons house and he has the NBN connected. He was telling us that he is not happy with the set up. Slower than his old Telstra connection and he cannot have two people on the NBN at the same time. If he is on the NBN and his girlfriend joins the network it kicks him off. He wishes that it was never introduced. Does not sound promising. Does anyone else have any horror stories to pass on?


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i recently got NBN, its fibre to the junction box in my apartment building, so functionally its fibre to the node. Its not blazing speeds, but its pretty good, and ive been having no issues really (NBN via Belong)
I am also due to get NBN in April. Was/is on telstra cable but the network has gone over to NBN so unofficially i have been on NBN while still on Telstra (no proper junction box in house) for a while, prob a year. I have HFC so fibre to the cable junction. For the past year i have had nothing but issues of constant dropouts.

A few telstra complaints, a NBN Co complaint and a TIO complaint later.. I had 2 telstra techs and 3 NBN co techs to the premises who changed over everything from the hub connectors, the wire to the house, the wire in the house, connectors (and everything inside) on box on my premises and now FINALLY it works fantastically