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Nakayama asagi karasu

I pulled the trigger and took a gamble on a stone with a tomo nagura. I am super pleased. It is such a fast stone and creates a super keen edge.

It is a multitude faster than my French slates, and produces a more fine edge than I have with my coticule. It has great responsiveness in it becomes very “sticky” when the edge is finished.


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Nice rock! The small dark patches, aka karasu or ‘crows’, indicate a harder stone (but not always), and the diagonal ‘pencil line’ indicates an eastern mine. The skin color looks like it might be Nakayama, but can’t really tell from the photo.

Can’t tell anything about the tomo.
I am extremely pleased with its performance. The feedback is what gets me. My French slates are an entire world slower than this stone also.

I can feel the edge begin to stick to the surface when I’m nearing completion.
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