Nacet blades - rough or smooth?

Discussion in 'Safety Razor Blades' started by les24preludes, Oct 27, 2018.

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    Just got some Nacets. Two shaves in a very aggressive version of the Muhle R41. Very smooth. Very sharp. Very close shave. Reminded me of Feathers re the latter point, although I generally do not like Feathers as they seem almost too sharp at first and I cut myself a lot with them, and they do not seem to have good durability.

    We shall see if the Nacets are at all durable. Impressive so far.

    My usual favorites are yellow 7 O'Clocks, usually Indian, although I am not sure I can tell any difference from the Russian version. For that matter the green 7 O'Clocks seem pretty much the same. That R41 is my go to razor, but nothing to get careless with. Interestingly, the 7 O'Clocks make a nice sound in it. The Nacets are silent!
  2. Not works for me, it is rough.

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    Nacet are about as smooth as Astra SP or Wilkinson Sword Classic. Smoother than the Rapiras; not as smooth as the Gillette Rubie, Personnas, Feathers or Polsilver SI.
  4. I pulled a Nacet out today and loaded it in a Schick Krona and loaded another Krona with the last version of a Personna Super Stainless (circa 1970's, just prior to the P74). That Personna may not be the best vintage blade but it is sharp, smooth and long lasting and my reference blade-for a very good blade.

    In my hands the Nacet is no Personna Super Stainless. It is sharp enough and gave me a smooth shave but in my hands not the smoothest shaving blade. As a prior member noted the blade produces a prickly feel to my skin as I make a pass. The shave results were fine but I would not classify it as a smooth shaving blade. Sometimes first shaves are misleading. I will try again tomorrow.
  5. Nice and smooth in the Merkur 37C, maybe a tad under the Astra SP. It is growing in stature in my list of good blades.
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    Blades are very individual.
    Many blades are better after a few uses, or even halfway through the first shave, including my favorite DE blade.

    Maybe this applies to Nacets, too, but I couldn't get though one shave with a Nacet. Plenty sharp, but not comfortable at all for me. Of course, I was already sold on the Polsilver so I wasn't very motivated.

    Happy shaves,

  7. I like them quite a bit, but tend to also prefer milder razors. I've used them in techs, Gillette superspeed (red and plain), and Gillette adjustables set on 5. They are not coated and I actually prefer GSB and Sputniks. The nacets I always use with Stirling soap.
  8. I love them, they're very sharp but not as smooth as an astra sp.

    They're but If you get them in larger quanties they're about $10 for 100 and are excellent value imo.

    I'll edit here n say they're 2nd in sharpness and 2nd in terms of smoothness but 1 in terms of value and performance.

    I'm going to try loading a new nacet tmr to see how long it'll last.
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  9. I just did the unthinkable.

    While watching tennis, I loaded a fresh nacet into my Rocket HD 500 and shaved dry...
    Guess what, 2 passes, WTG and XTG... CCS wo any nicks and little if any irritation.

    A nacet ss is a great blade IMHO.
  10. All Gillette blades are coated.
  11. If they are coated, then please let me know what they are coated with.
  12. Even if we knew what would it matter?
  13. Well, its not TEFLON or PTFE.
    To me they seem like the non-coated GEM SS blades, as opposed to the PTFE coated GEM blades.
  14. I have a tough beard, so I like sharp blades. However, I also have sensitive skin, so I do not like harsh blades. Nacets are one of my favorite blades. However, I do not use them in my R41. I use less sharp blades in that razor.

    I also shave with a straight razor and that experience has taught me the importance of shave angle and minimal pressure when shaving. I have also learned the importance of beard and face preparation and using a great shaving soaps that provides excellent slickness and cushion.

    Although Feather blades are sharper than Nacets out of the box, after the first shave, sharpness is similar on both blades. They could well be too sharp for some people, just as Feathers can be. If you use them in a very aggressive razor, use the wrong shave angle, use excessive pressure, or use a mediocre shave soap, they are not going to give a good shave.
  15. I think that if a lot of guys focused more on exactly what you just said, the number of different brands of blades they can use comfortably would go up substantially.

    Straight razors will teach you a lot about angle, pressure, and sharpness. It'll also teach you how the slip of your lather is highly dependent on hydration level. Sure, DE's will also do that, but not to the same degree as straight shaving.
  16. I found Nacets a little rough. 7 O'Clock Yellows feel smoother and sharper to me.
  17. butter for me!
    Paired with a red tip they're fantastic..
  18. Nacet is my top favored blade. In the Schone open comb. I do not notice any blade flex and the blade is well guarded, hence the blade remains firm and shaves very smooth... With my other razor the Timeless Brnonze .38, the blade is again held firm but the increased blade exposure puts the onus on the shaver to go lightly, again the results are very smooth but with a higher risk of cuts which I view as operator error. I suspect that the Nacet blades would feel rougher with razors that clamp with greater distance to the edge.
  19. Interesting. That might be why I really like Nacets in four of my five razors. And it does indeed feel rougher in the one I don't care for Nacets in. It's a Gillette Super Adjustable from the '80's, and I have to be very careful about what blade I pair it with.

    But overall, Nacets are great blades, IMO.
  20. I like this graph and agree w it. I can get 1-3 headshaves w them. It's my second fav blade after Gillette super thin mejorada (Br).

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