Nacet blades - rough or smooth?

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    Smooth and sharp ..... pretty perfect, and a great blade for my Rockwell 6C razor.
  1. I consider them one of the sharpest blades I've ever tried. Maybe third place behind Feather and Gillette 7OC yellows. I also find them smooth. I'd give them a 7 out of 10 for smoothness - even better on the second shave.
  2. The first 3 - 5 shaves of the Nacet aren't the smoothest for me. But I have to get through those to get to where it really smooths out. I'm on my 10th shave & it's great!
  3. I’m also in the rough and harsh camp. They’re the only blade I’ve experienced so far that left me with a burning sensation post-shave.
  4. Smooth, sharp, and versatile. They seem to work in any razor I've tried.
  5. Gave the blade all sorts of chances in all sorts of razors and hated it every time. Only thing that would change would be the number of cuts & nicks I'd get.

    PIF'd them all and haven't missed them.
  6. They're perfectly usable, but I'd be in no great rush to replace them.
  7. I have used them in my .84 Game Changer,and in my NEW LC.

    They are very smooth in both of those.

    Smoother than Perma Sharps.
  8. They are in my top 5, smooth and sharp. Again, goes to show YMMV in shaving. Great post!
  9. Interesting to see the range of opinions!! This really illustrates the need to try things for yourself!!
  10. Put me in the Smooth & Sharp column ..
  11. All opinions about blades are subjective as the OP himself said. All blades are designed to cut hair smoothly, and for evrery blade there are people who claim it as their favorite, that's why they are still in business. If the OP has discovered that Nacets don't work then they don't. I'll never understand what is to be learned from these threads.... Personally I'm sure I couldn't tell a Nacet in a blindfold test if my life depended on it.
  12. Not my cup of tea.
  13. It didn't work for me.
  14. While I see your point, I found this thread in particular helpful because I'd seen so many Nacet praises that I bought 100 of them, only to have such a bad experience that I wondered if they were counterfeit (though they came from a very reputable vendor). This conversation restored my confidence in the vendor, if not the blades.

    I also find it fascinating to see such variance. More than the usual "YMMV", I think.
  15. The blade cutting through an alligator really tells you all you need to know about them.
  16. You will see variance on every blade. Ask me what I think about PolSilver. Blades which tend either way from average sharpness you'd expect to see a bit more variance than others. As Nacet is on the more sharp end of the spectrum, such variance shouldn't be surprising.
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    I just had a great shave with a Gillette (P&G) Nacet this morning and the results were stellar. Anything Gillette(P&G) with platinum coatings also works well if you are looking for a blade. Platinum is used to strengthen the edge is my understanding. You can cork a blade if you find it rough on 1st use, 1 pass about a 1/8" into the cork usually will smooth it out(only need to do it once per blade). Polsilver S.I is the only blade I cork once & after that it is smooth sailing for me for about 5-6 shaves.
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  18. Interesting theory, and you may be right. Look at the polarization on what many agree is the sharpest blade - Feather!

    (I love 'em)
  19. On my 3rd use yesterday, it felt a little rough. Had to ditch it after that.

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