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Mystery hones... Let's see what you have

Black Mottled Thuri :biggrin1:
So, I’m still in hesitation mode.
Look at the photos under 60x magnification.

And this mysterious hone - mottled black e/t or swedenstein
I have found this stone at the flea market yesterday.
Glued to Bbw
153x36.5 mm for less than 3 euro.
The stone is very fast
I would like to know your opinion on this inclusion you can see on the side
And probably your ideas about the vein


I just got this today and it feels like a blue thuri or could be a charnley. It’s very smooth and is very dense and very cold too and very flat. There is the classic thuri saw marks on the end tho. Let me know what you guys think.


DA635DC4-3E6C-4FC0-B2A2-1B698224526A.jpeg 6454ECFB-04DE-4297-BBA8-2AC64C66BDA8.jpeg D0061D0A-62CB-47DD-B457-951106D1D710.jpeg BB8F420E-8AE3-4A78-865E-EDCCB3ABDCAA.jpeg B188FFF0-9E28-4264-B961-55FE7575CC58.jpeg A929298F-35A9-4176-A37A-899F3F587FB9.jpeg


eBay buy? Usps took forever?

If so you bought it from me. I don't think it's a Thuri, but can't say for sure. Mystery slate in my book.
eBay buy? Usps took forever?

If so you bought it from me. I don't think it's a Thuri, but can't say for sure. Mystery slate in my book.
BINGO!...yes I finally got it, and yes it is a mystery slate for sure and I will have fun trying to figure it all out on a few razors I have. I have a couple of blades I like to experiment with with different stones and all. I was really concerned that UPS lost it on ya and it was lost in limbo. I always like to keep a seller informed as to where their package is just in case if an issue needs to be resolved on their end, and USPS never notifies anybody.

I am quite happy with it and hope to have a bit of fun as well...it does feel fine enough to get a decent edge off of it.....besides I also have a light green thuri and a yellow/green as well....if a stone doesn't meet up to the par of using on a razor then it gets relegated to kitchen knife/pocket knife duty. Nothing goes to waste, and of course I'd like to say thank you!

I mostly sharpen kitchen knives, but have been getting a bit more into using some old oilstones and stuff I've found, along with the synthetics and (few) jnats I have. I was wondering if any experts could offer their opinions on a couple of things I've picked up in the last couple of weeks. I've never used any of these kinds of stones before, so if anyone has other thoughts on what they might be, I'd be keen to hear.

These were all really quite cheap, and covered in oil and grime when I got, but I think have lucked onto a few nice ones.

The first I'm 99% percent sure is an old Turkish Stone. Pretty sure it's novaculite, but cuts pretty quick, has a weird smell when lapped, dark grey / brown, some inclusions &c, ticks all the things I've read about old Turkish Stones. Love this stone for kitchen knives, but I imagine too bite-y to finish razors on:



This second I got on ebay, cos I thought like it looked like an old Washita, and I think it probably is. Again it feels and acts like novaculite. It's very hard (even a bit harder than the first stone), and a fair bit finer than I imagined a Washita might be. The first stone had a tiny amount of translucency with a phone torch light, but this has more. Again a really good stone for knives:



The third stone I'm a bit more lost on. I got this for free after buying a different cheap dirty stone, and they sent the wrong one and said I could keep it. It's still pretty hard, but less hard and less fine than the previous two. I guess the grit of this is in the 3-4k range, and it's not that quick. It's still quite dirty even after a fair bit of cleaning and lapping. It's a kind of orange-rust colour with some noticeable layering to the sides, slurry from a diamond plate is a kind've dark milky coffee colour. I guess possibly a Hindustan, but really don't know at all:




Any thoughts from you experts out there much appreciated!
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