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Mystery hones... Let's see what you have

We're all in the same boat once we've been buying rocks long enough. We either mistake something unknown for something known due to sketchy images or encrusted filth... Or we buy huge lots and within them, occasionally there is some weird unidentified stone... Or we buy something at a flea market that was sourced who knows when from who knows where. Often times, many of them are hum drum or blah, but every once in awhile you find something so good you wish you could easily get another piece. Curious to see the mysteries other people have collected.
I will start. Got this over a year ago. It's stupidly hard, slightly porous but purges quickly, is not slow, looks wildly turbulent yet you feel none of it, and it makes a razor really ridiculously sharp.
20190529_200225.jpg 20190529_200238.jpg 20190529_200244.jpg 20190529_200248.jpg 20190529_200257.jpg 20190529_200315.jpg


Another. A really fine stone. Dense, had twinkling and an almost 3d holographic effect when moved at angles to the eye.

20190529_200756.jpg 20190529_200805.jpg 20190529_200812.jpg 20190529_200814.jpg 20190529_200818.jpg
Here's and interesting one, on first look, you would default to maybe something belgian, but in hand, it's nothing like any belgian I have seen. Violet brown, incredibly intricate swirling and banding all over the place.
20190529_201215.jpg 20190529_201226.jpg 20190529_201238.jpg 20190529_201246.jpg 20190529_201256.jpg 20190529_201306.jpg
20190529_201628.jpg 20190529_201646.jpg
Recent one, haven't done much with it yet. Big gray black brick. Tiny little surface features. I have a feeling it will be in that hum drum crop, but it may well surprise me. 20190529_201918.jpg 20190529_201924.jpg 20190529_201929.jpg 20190529_201934.jpg 20190529_201947.jpg 20190529_202017.jpg
I have had this for a very long time now. Huge stone that is very fine. Really unique feel under the blade.
20190529_202352.jpg 20190529_202356.jpg 20190529_202401.jpg 20190529_202408.jpg 20190529_202420.jpg 20190529_202703.jpg
This thing is hard like novaculite and over the years has become insanely burnished. It came in this old paddle with homemade nails made from brass holding in two hand cut retaining plates to engage steps in the stone and hold it in the paddle. All sorts of matter in the matrix that is soft and does no harm. I have shaved a lot off of this thing over the years. Makes a really smooth edge. 20190529_203048.jpg 20190529_203054.jpg 20190529_203058.jpg 20190529_203110.jpg 20190529_203114.jpg 20190529_203122.jpg 20190529_203130.jpg 20190529_203147.jpg 20190529_203446.jpg
This is a type of soft slate. I used to find these regularly in the ny area but they have mostly dried up. Maybe 1 every few years now. They always have that band on one side. I would put this sort of after an 8k but before a full on finisher. 20190529_203655.jpg 20190529_203705.jpg 20190529_203708.jpg 20190529_203720.jpg 20190529_203731.jpg
Fairly recent. No idea. Blobs on the surface have a bit of the 3d deal going around the edges. Hard stone. Behaves like a drunken cousin to the classic french finishers. Makes a really boosted edge. 20190529_204126.jpg 20190529_204130.jpg 20190529_204132.jpg 20190529_204139.jpg 20190529_204156.jpg 20190529_204210.jpg
I believe it to possibly be some strange Charnley Forest stone, but no proof. I sure feels like a glassy one with that CF feed back and the edges are way up there.



#3 I've had a few of those. Some guys thought they were silkstone, some thought SSofGR. I never figured it out.
#4 Those are the "Vosgienne" aka "Brown Escher" aka etc etc etc from ages ago. I think someone decided it is in fact a rare kind of BBW in the end, but who knows.
#7 I bet is a very hard and extinct vein coticule.
#8 I've got an 8x2" right here... it's exactly as you describe.
#9 Had one of those too... I agree, very similar to the french stones.

Damn tom, did you ever remove it from the paddle? Really curious what the backside of that stone looks like.
I have a few vosgiennes. This definitely isn't that. Idk, it's strange. As for the glittery one, maybe silkstone, but not sure. It's not a ssofgr, I have a lot of that material. It's not as porous as a special stone and the edge has a different quality to it.
Got this a few weeks ago. Someone went through a lot of trouble to make a very close fitting box. Purple static for a lot of the stone like snow on an old crt tv, with a grayish field at one end. Almost like a moughton that forgot to band but I don't think it's that as it literally has no hint of structure to the coloring. 20190530_133039.jpg 20190530_133050.jpg 20190530_133115.jpg 20190530_133123.jpg 20190530_133130.jpg 20190530_133139.jpg 20190530_133151.jpg 20190530_133312.jpg
Local find. Not a thuri. Has very faint rippling that I tried to pick up. Interesting feel, like it is covered in corn starch. It's completely serviceable to finish on. 20190530_133810.jpg 20190530_133815.jpg 20190530_133820.jpg 20190530_133823.jpg 20190530_133830.jpg 20190530_133833.jpg


Wafer Thin stone that looks like a Schwedenstein, but shaves like a Pierre Du Sud Oust. Never had a Schwed I liked the shave off of... except maybe this one?


I know someone I can ask about that almond. I will see what he says. He doesn't do the forum thing