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My Shave Cream Melted

Due to this interminable, not to mention intolerable, heatwave that I am still having to endure my Taylor's Rose Cream appears to have melted. No longer does it have a thick, almost waxy consistency, but it has separated into a dark pink liquid and a lighter pink goo. Obviously this isn't a major problem, Taylor's is inexpensive and easily replaced, but if this had happened to my Castle Forbes or Nancy Boy creams I would have been inconsolable; so, with that in mind does anyone have any suggestions on how to prevent this or restore the creams once this has happened?
It doesn't change the efficacy. Give it a stir and put it in the fridge for a while. It should crystallize back, at least partially.


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Same thing happened to my Taylor sandalwood and lavender. The old whip and chill works, but it never fully reverts to its old self. Funny thing is, every other brand seems to suffer the opposite fate- drying up.
My e-shave White Tea cream appears to have suffered a similiar fate. I don't use it all that often because it burns like acid, but I break it out once in a while because I enjoy the scent. I was looking forward to using it today but no such luck:frown:
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