“Modern” GEM-list??

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    Is there a list of “Modern” razors that take GEM SE blades? If not would someone be so kind as to compile one for reference? Not fishing for opinions, just want to see what is out there and I think I am missing a few.

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  1. Blackland Sabre
    Above the Tie G1
    Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Starling
    Paradigm SE
    Rocnel SE-G

    Pretty sure there are more, but those are the ones I know of.
  2. Thanks. It’s a start. 2 at least I didn’t know before.

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  3. If are looking to buy modern to have a modern razor then the rational to not buy modern is not going to apply here.

    If you are looking for a better performing razor nothing in the modern realm surpasses all the offerings you can get in the vintage realm for less $ than any single modern SE that takes a Gem razor. If there was you'd see a lot more written about any razor that did. For example a Sabre may surpass a milder Gem like a Contour in performance with LV2 plate but not a Micromatic open comb. With that said that particular setup maybe more than good enough for how you shave.

    The other consideration though is some of the manufacturers give you a 30 days return period so the price of admission to try it without taking a big financial hit is the cost of return shipping. If you hold it beyond that period you are going to have to resell it at a loss since they have no investment or collectable value right now. If you want to hold the razor for enough years you might break even. If you want to get around all this try finding one that is scratch and dent or on a BST with the depreciation built into the price and you should be able to get out of it as much as you have in it at a minimum then. Though with that said if you see a lot of them being sold through the secondary market you have to question why that is also.
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  4. Excellent advice.

    There are some great modern shavers that I admire simply for their design. But if this is the case the classic design of my GBar will do. I am an “old soul” at heart and the perfer vintage look.

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  5. I don't think paradigm makes a razor that takes Gem blades. I think the razor is an AC blade razor.
  6. I think you are right.
  7. Thats correct it is an AC blade as I own this razor. My favorite GEM style is the Shovel Head and i own most GEMs. I do not own a Sabre but I have read that there has not been a modern GEM razor that can take on a Micromatic unless you use a modern finish like the Micromatic Clog Proof on EBAY right now from Delta Echo but he is out of business now. That listing ends in 9 minutes lol
  8. That’s a nice looking razor. Is there anyone that would refinish my brass Micromatic? Maybe that’s the way to go for me. I currently have it on BST because it is user grade and I think I would keep it if it has a better finish for a smoother experience.

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  9. Talk to Scott at


    I hear his customer service is really good and he answers emails fast !
  10. North Shore Razors in case the link doesnt work
  11. Didn’t know they did GEMs. Never been to their site and only seen reference to their DE work. I’ll check it out.

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  12. I have all of the micromatics and the Sabre level 2. It's every bit as efficient at the MMOC IMO. From an ease of use the Sabre wins if you are coming from DE because of the point on the head.
  13. Maybe ill get the head only ... the Sabre handle is the only one of Blacklands that i dont like ....
  14. You were spot on. Answered immediately. They don’t do MM’s. Too much trouble to disassemble. Gonna get a quote on some of my stuff.

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  15. I don't use the handle either but it was on sale as a whole unit when I got it.
  16. Does the OneBlade count? - A quick de-spline, and enlarging the side holes yields a great shave.

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