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Mitchell's Wool Fat

I am fairly new to the DE Wet Shaving addiction. Right now I am shaving with an inherited Gillette Slim adjustable with feather razors. I totally love it. I have been using proraso preshave and proraso shaving cream. I like proraso but am looking into getting a puck of MWF. Any sugesstions?
Don't do it, not MWF, and not if you are just starting :thumbdown

MWF is a picky beast, loved and hated on this board.

Stick with the loved, buy a puck of Tabac. Tabac doesn't care about your water, Tabac doesn't care about your brush. You'll get a great lather with Tabac now :wink:, with MWF you might get a great lather now or maybe it will take until next year to get a great lather...it is very very picky. :angry:

Stick with what is guaranteed to work IMHO.
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Welcome! Did you ever think shaving could be fun? I've heard that MWF is good but I never tried it. From my experience I recommend Tabac shave soap. Really a top quality soap! :thumbup:
I quite like MWF. I do think that the scent might (for some) take a little bit of getting used to. But its a very good, effective soap. Its probably a much better soap than many soaps twice its price.
Good question...all the variables can come into play with "difficult" soaps, brush type, water type, lathering technique etc. It can be just more difficult to create good lather consistently...as your'e used to creams I would start a soap that lathers easily and Tabac is one of those.
I was thinking that my original post must have been deleted :lol: I had to go search my posts and found out it was posted twice in different forums.

That was confusing me because all I did was link to the reviews of MWF :rolleyes:


I would recommend MWF. It works for me face lathering, just make sure you really load your brush with soap. It didn't lather for me well enough in the bowl , had difficulty with that tecnique , though I don't fault the soap. Its very moisturizing and has a simple clean scent. I think its really a nice old fashioned product that works. I think Proraso, Musgo Real , MWF are probably the classics that every one should have when starting out.
Tabac may be easy to use but the scent is a love it or hate it kind of thing. If you want to go right to the top of the chain with high quality and ease of lathering try DR Harris Arlington. Beautiful subtle citrus overtone with a fern/earthy undertone...my favourite in terms of scent and ease of use.

Otherwise, the German made palmolive shave stick is another which is super easy to use and provides a very slick tallow based lather. The scent is a very clean, spicy soap scent.
Tabac lathers well, but in my opinion, smells lousy. MWF gave me problems until I put a $12 Omega boar brush up against it. will lather very easily with a decent Omega boar brush. There should be no shortage of buyers for a lightly-used puck.
Da Fat is da bomb. Unfortunately, it is tricky to use. Well not really, but you have to work with it for a while. Once you get it, you've got it. I've lathered it with all kinds of brushes. Rooneys, a Kent, Shavemacs, even a floppiest Vulfix made Trumper brush. If you'd like to discover the joys of lanolin creams and soaps, give Musgo Real a whirl. Comparatively inexpensive, easy to lather and great smell.
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why is it so difficult to use?

It's very particular about how much water it will tolerate. It's also very picky about how stiff your brush is.

That said, once you get it right, the payoff is outstanding.

Also, buy Kent in the bowl from GBKent on ebay and pay less than the MWF branded soap, without the bowl, that is the exact same stuff.
why is it so difficult to use?

MWF is my favorite soap and I have never had any trouble at all using it. I don't understand why so many people do, but I do believe them.

Anyway, MWF would always be one of my top recommendations, along with Trumper's, Provence Sante, D. R. Harris, and Pre de Provence.

Start at the top if that is what you want to do. I don't see why whether you are a beginner has anything to do with it. The best is still the best.

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