Micromatic Passaround - Try one out and Join Micromatic Mondays!

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    @Tanuki generously lent me a Micromatic Open Comb razor to try out and has extended his offer to others who might be interested to try this classic razor.

    I've shamelessly stolen some rules from another razor pass around and am editing them for this one.

    General Requirements for Participation
    Active B&B members in "good standing" are welcome to participate in the tour pass-around. When I think of active and good standing, I come up with the following characteristics: You have been around B&B for at least a few months and have at least 50 posts or so and are participating in the community. (It's arbitrary - I admit. But it's for the protection of everyone to make sure that folks have bought into B&B in order to participate in a pass around.)

    Pass Around Rules
    Following are the rules which are simply intended to keep the tour fair and fun.

    1. Please limit your time with the gear to 7 days or so. This should be enough time for some quality shaves and impressions. There will be exceptions, and if you know ahead of time your schedule will be limited (e.g., vacation, job constraints, travel) please let me know so we can adjust the order and keep the momentum going.

    2. The package will contain a Micromatic and maybe a sample or two of soap. Unfortunately, I do not have any Gem-style blades to include with the razor. You're more than welcome to use your own of course. But if you don't, PM @Tanuki and he has said he'll send you one to try. (If you're not first on the list and if you know you'll need one, it would probably be a good idea to PM him in advance so that you'll have a blade ready for the razor's arrival.

    3. I am shipping the razor clean and sterilized. Please do the same before handing it off to the next member. Simple Green, soapy hot water, Barbecide and Scrubby Bubbles are fine. No harsh chemicals that contain ammonia or bleach.

    4. Carefully wrap and ship the package as your means allow (e.g., USPS, UPS, FedEx). It will be shipping in a small Priority Mail flat rate box. If Priority Mail is a hardship, please switch to a clean, generic box and pack securely.

    5. Communicate. Please post in this thread when you receive the razor and when it ships. Upon receipt, please contact the next person on the list in order to have their shipping information on-hand when your time with the razor is over. Please PM me as needed or if you have any questions. It is never fun to track you down if you are in possession of the razor and have gone off the grid.

    6. Post Reviews in the Micromatic Monday thread! Please share your impressions, good or bad, with your fellow B&B members. One of the goals of this pass around is to let everyone know about the community that's growing in the MMM thread. Here's a link in case you haven't seen it before.

    Micromatic Monday

    7. Have fun!

    Sign up here:

  2. Not in, but great idea. I have an MMOC already and it's solidly in the starting lineup.
    This is a great opportunity for guys to try out this fantastic razor.
  3. Thank you @bobmsp. :thumbup: I'll look forward to reading those reviews of a wonderful design that we know the MMOC and BMMOC to be. If there is a more affordable do it all razor available, I am unaware of them.
  4. bobmsp

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    It's Micromatic Monday again. Is there anyone who's interested in checking one out?
  5. I would like to try it out. But funds won't allow me. If this is still going when I get working I would love to be added to the list.
  6. I would like to try it out. I am posting very infrequently lately, but I still drop by.

    Also I'll drop a partial 10 pack (or full depending on number of sign-ups) of GEM SS blades into the shipping box.


    Sign up here:

    1)Clay S
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  7. Can we add me to the end of the list. When it's close to getting to me I'll see if I can afford the shipping to send it on. If not I'll drop off at that time. If that's ok I'll add my name to the end of the list.
  8. I've received the MMOC on Saturday and started shaving with it on Sunday. First shave had a few areas of blood. Some of it due to my new detached goatee with areas to shave I'm not familiar with, the rest of it can be marked up to either a fresh blade, or perhaps the several day growth I had.

    Less blood letting on Monday, just the unfamiliar under-lip area opened up by the detached goatee, and none today.

    It has a different feel than a Gem 1912. The 15% heavier weight, longer handle, thicker teeth, and slow, steady clamping of the TTO mechanism give it a more substantial feel.

    I'm more comfortable with the 1912's shorter length and horizontal (not just vertical) knurling, but this is just a familiarity thing. The MMOC provides a sure comfortable grip, just a different grip. The 1912 is also more audible.

    I'll finish up the PAL carbon blade(about 7 days total normally) I'm using and give further feedback and see if any additional people have joined the pass around at that time.
  9. I prefer my corked Gem PTFE blades in all my Gem style SEs. I never got seven comfortable shaves out of a carbon Gem Blue Star, but maybe PALs are more durable.

    As for audibles, the light, open 1912 design is kind of an echo chamber.
  10. Well, the rest of my shaves with the PAL, ending today, went uneventful. Todays was a DFS; Should have changed blades. The spring loaded door gives it a more refine presentation than Gillette/clone DE TTOs I have used. No mechanical advantage, just not having floppy door/s gives a more polished appearance. I also prefer Gem SE razors.

    I would have preferred a non-tapered handle, but that is probably just from familiarity. It was comfortable to use.

    @bobmsp, Shall I hold for longer to see if anyone responds? I won't mind trying it with a GEM blade as well.

    The PAL carbons I can obtain locally. The only GEM SEs I have found locally. I prefer SS blades so I can load and forget, and not worry with drying. GEM SS, not sure if PTFE, I get 20+ shaves from.

    The positive clamping from the TTO in the MMOC, rather than just spring tension in the 1912, also dampens the sound I would imagine.
  11. bobmsp

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    Why don’t you pm @Suhrim21 and see if he’s still interested. If not we can wait a day or 2 to see if anyone else is interested before sending the razor back to @Tanuki
  12. Sorry been running ragged trying to find work. Unfortunately I still don't have money to be able to ship the package on so I have to back out.
  13. I don’t need to get this razor back. If we don’t scare up someone who wants to give it a whirl, @Suhrim21 is welcome to keep it. :)
  14. BMOCC.jpg
    If you live in CONTUS , I will give you a first generation bumpless MMOC.
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  15. I do live in conus.
  16. I'd welcome the opportunity to try this razor, but the timing would be better for me at the end of the month.
    I'd like to see three folks join before me, please.
  17. Excellent. PM me with your address.
  18. Sign up here:

    1)Clay S (currently has)
    5) Rory1262

    My current plan, if ok with @Tanuki, is to continue trying the razor with the SS blade until either another person expresses interest in trying it, or shipping it to @Rory1262 at mid month or later depending on when he can receive it.
  19. Sounds fine to me. :thumbup1:
  20. If you guys want to expand this out I'll throw in a Bullet Tip with guiding eye and a Clog Pruf. That would cover all the 3 Micromatics and is also a good representative of mild to wild type of shaves you can get out of an SE. Bullet tip on the mild side, open comb on the wild side and Clog Pruf somewhere in the middle.

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