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Mergress/Progress Notches?

Recently taken receipt of my Mergress, and 'getting to know it' - seeing how it operates with different blades, settings etc. But can't quite get my head round the thing about lining up the notches. Yes - I do line them up, cos I've been told to but, looking at the cap, I can't see what difference it would make having it round the other way! I guess there are some subtle mechanics at play here that are simply passing me by... can anyone explain this in layman's terms please?
The only difference it make is where the numbers read when it tighten all the way down.
If it tighten all the way down and reads "1" like it should and you reverse the cap it will tighten down and read "4" which is 180 degrees opposite "1" on the number ring.
Everything else that people say concerning the cap and the notch is misinformation.
The cap is suppose to be symmetrical, a properly made cap and razor has no effect on blade exposure no matter which way it's installed.
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