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Menthol without alcohol?

So I love my Osage Rub dearly because I live in Houston where it is 97 degrees and eighty percent humidity this time of year and I need that ice cold feel, but the alcohol is just drying the heck out of my skin. Are there any seriously minty-fresh AS balms that don't have alcohol but will freeze your mug solid?

P.S. Sorry if this has been discussed, I searched but couldn't find anything that fit the bill.

Thanks! :001_smile
You could always get some menthol crystals or menthol solution and mentholate your own aftershave balm. I do this to Nivea Sensitive Skin ASB with great sucess.
Newsflash: Menthol is an alcohol. I guess all of our faces are going to melt off now. :rolleyes:

But there is at lot of non alcoholic bear, whine, probably even whiskey out there if you look close enough, so why can't there be any alcohol free alcohol... I mean Menthol? ;)

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