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Men's Sun Glasses

Can anyone suggest a really good pair of daily sun glasses with polycarbonate/polarizes lenses. I have a pair of Maui Jim sport sun glasses but considering a new pair of Revo. Please advise


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I'm sold to Bollé. I had 2 pairs over the last 15 years. Tough, polarized, I just bought my second pair last month. I love those.

Rayban is a bit more expensive but also very good. Oakley is a kind of it's own. Not of fan of their models but some like them...

I never tried Maui Jim or Revo...
Costa Del Mar sunglasses were originally designed with fishing in mind, so the protection is great from all sides. While I love Maui Jim and Revo, my Costa Del Mars are much better for any slightly athletice outdoor activity due to their coverage.
My daily glasses are Black/Black Spy Scoop HS Polarized. Great durable Italian made glasses that are sweet looking. Unfortunately they've been discontinued by Spy Optics.
I have a pair of Spotters Arctics with the penetrator grey lenses but a laminated resin is available. These glasses are fantastic for driving, shooting and even fishing apparently.
Revo makes great lenses but the ones I have are heavy since they're glass.

I use Oakley but also like Smith, which are reasonably priced.
Don't mistake good sunglasses with expensive designer types. If you want to pay for a logo that's one thing. They sell what are called cocoons which cost about $60 for their fancy model. They aren't stylish but they protect like no others. If you want dressy or sporty I would go with ray-bans, they have been around forever.
I've been wearing Ray-Bans for thirty years and I can't complain. I've had Avaiators, Clubmasters and others, and I always seem to have a pair of Wayfarers around. They're great. I like Oakley too, especially for sports.
I love my Oakleys. I've tried other brands, but the Oakleys work best for me. Right now (and for the last several years) I've using bottlecaps with iridium lenses. Just for info, I have very sensitive eyes and spend all day in the sun.
I have a pair of Persol and they are classy and do a great job in the sun.
Another option is Starck - most comfortable frames I ever had. They're expensive but seem to be built to last. I drool over these:
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