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Man-ly Fragrances?

This is strictly my opinion, don't take it as conclusive. You are entitled to your own tastes.

1-. Those heavy on woods, spices, leather and civet: Old Spice, Yatagan, Knize 10, Jazz, Pino Silvestre, Agua Brava, Quorum, etc.

2-. Those that are restrained in sillage and with limited longevity (4 to 6 hours is more than enough)

3-. Those that are not sweet: no sweets, chocolates, fruits and white flowers.

Bottom line: be careful of the word "Homme" as in Dior Homme - in some occasions, it can be unrelated to its original meaning being used as a practical joke played on buyers.
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My instinctive reply would be Alt-Innsbruck cologne whose scent is exactly how I figure out Sean Connery smelled in an old James Bond flick.

I would add the Thierry Mugler’s A*Men derivatives, like Pure Malt (whisky notes) or Pure Havane (tobacco notes).
1. Some of the classical fougeres, like Azzaro pour Homme or Pacco Rabanne pour Homme.
2. Almost any vetiver.
3. Tabac EdC or AS. EdT is more floral, so it may not be as manly.
Scents that unambiguously say "Man Present" include
Paco Rabanne PH
Sung Homme
Gianfranco Ferre For Men (in the dark bottle)
Trussardi Uomo
Pontaccio 21
Grey Flannel
Oscar Pour Lui
Knize 10
Salvadore Dali PH
Brut or the very similar but longer lasting Fred Hayman Touch for Men
Gucci PH No1
One Man Show
the original Ralph Lauren Chaps
Villoresi Vetiver
Etro Vetiver
Versace L'Homme
Lapidus PH
Herrera For Men
Blenheim's Bouquet (but it doesn't last long)

Just remember not to be a whimp and to spray a lot on.
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Any fougere; most smell like a caricature of masculinity, which is one of the main reasons I dislike the genre. Although the fragrances I choose to wear have been culturally labelled as more "masculine," on the other hand I don't want to smell like Thomas Magnum looks.
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Nice to see Polo, Halston Z-14, and English Leather mentioned. Those would be my suggestions.

I am bound and determined to get a vial of Creed GIT. It's price is probably above my paygrade but, if it works well for me, maybe a small decant is in order for special occassions.
Never got close enough to a fashion model to catch a whiff, but my cleaning lady says Guerlain Vetiver smells manly on me.
No wonder I am able to attract cleaning ladies only...

Honest - I think obsession old school scent is manly. Boring yes, but it is MANLY [duck]...but it attracts nobody, not even the cleaning ladies.