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Magical Proraso

Well not only does my favourite line of products give me the best shaves it cures cold sores also! Two days ago I felt the tingle on my top lip, I get a cold sore about once a year and strangely at this time of year always :blink:
My wife confirmed it when I got home from work and as the red bump was already there I didn't put anything on it. The following morning I decided the full proraso shave was in order, pre/post, cream & splash being carefull to avoid the cold sore. That evening I looked in the mirror and thought it had gone down slightly and the following morning confirmed it. Shaved again the following day with the full proraso kit and by yesterday it was practically gone. Completely gone this morning. This might all be in my mind of course but I didn't put any medical stuff on it and I really do think one or a combination of all three products helped get rid of this nasty.
Well the post-shave stuff is going to have some antiseptic qualities so maybe that knocked out the cold sold viruses?
Nice that it worked for you. I had a similar incident last year while on a trip. I'm prone to getting cold sores a couple of times a year, and when I travel I always bring along some prescription cream just in case. Last summer I was out in Yellowstone Park and felt the tingle of a sore starting. When I went to my dopp kit I had left the script home. I didn't know what to do so I applied my alum block to it and to my surprise the alum block took care of the problem and I didn't get the cold sore. :thumbup1:
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