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Lucky Tiger Face Tonic

Hi all,

As someone with ‘relatively’ sensitive skin I.e. I tend to reach for a balm rather than aftershave, I was wondering if anyone had experience of the Lucky Tiger face tonic, and if so, would you recommend for sensitive skin?

Thank you
Out of all of the aftershaves I have on hand Lucky Tiger is always available and I use just about everyday. The scent is gone in about 5 min and you can add any other aftershave you like the smell of afterwards. Its quite versatile.

I hereby state my personal LT fanboy status, adding to those above. I first tried it just a couple months ago and it has quickly risen to the top of my long list of post shave products.

The scent is a very mild orange citrus, with just a hint of grassy earth backing it up. The face feel is perfect—refreshing and soothing, with no bite, and no greasy unctuousness. It provides the perfect “Ahh....” moment after even a harsh shave.

I’ll often follow it with a splash (if I’m seeking the “Oooh” sensation) and/or a balm, but it can also stand alone.

Other pluses for me are the cool label/graphics and the old-time apothecary style bottle. I can only wish it also came in glass to complete the vibe. And I guess a travel size would also be nice, though I can repurpose another vessel for that.

Buy it!


+1- Probably fine as noted above. The only caveat I'd point out is that Lucky Tiger does have a bit of citrus, orange I think. Citrus is somewhat acidic, so if you're extremely sensitive to acidic things there is the potential to react. That being said, I can't recall reading any posting indicating an adverse reaction to the stuff.
I just bought some after reading this thread as I needed a new aftershave but I didn’t want any lasting scent. I usually love the sting of alcohol so wasn’t too hopeful of this suiting me. Quick splash this morning after my shave and zero sting, very fleeting scent and what a post shave feel!
I'm not sure why, exactly, but it took me a little while to warm up to Lucky Tiger. That aside, I love it now and wish I'd tried it sooner. Lucky Tiger is pretty much everything I want (in an aftershave) and nothing I don't.
I use it after every shave before applying my aftershave. Very nice light scent that goes away very quickly and has good skin care qualities. Been using it now for about 4 years.
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