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Lucky Tiger Face Tonic

after i shave my head and I want to apply an alcohol splash like Fine, i make sure to apply some lucky tiger first to make up for the lack of moisturizers/skin food in the fine splash. works like a charm. lucky tiger is something that i'll always have nearby.
LT is my go to "neutral" aftershave. The scent is so light and fleeting it won't interfere with any other fragrance you might add on afterwards. It has Witch Hazel, Chamomile, and Calendula so provides soothing propertites. Also, it's inexpensive as you get 8 oz. for the price of most other 4 oz. aftershaves and the bottle (although plastic) is old fashioned cool :thumbup1:

LT is what I use unless I'm in the mood that day for a stronger, longer lasting A/S fragrance, and even then, I might apply LT first.

Can't go wrong with this legend.
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