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Let's see your coffee mugs

I keep this one at work. Good for a laugh. $20140109_001029.jpg
I picked up some 10 oz cups from Intelligentsia coffee (Chicago) and have been using only those for a while now.

Nice. Heavy. Thick. Well balanced in the hand and the interior shape is killer for making latte art.

Here's my 'go-to' coffee mug;

It's a (vintage?), Sears, Roebuck & Co. Surrey Milk Glass Coffee Mug (3¼ inch tall x 3⅜ inch diameter. I also have the same format mug, but it's ceramic that I use as a shaving mug.)! :thumbsup:

"Coffee has its own subtle language". CBJ
I do not drink coffee or tea, but in my experience in the army found those folks who left their coffee cups age had very little trouble finding their cups. Those who were C3, Compulsive Cup Cleaners, always had to go looking for their cups. I guess a bit of grunge turns folks off and they will leave your stuff alone.
Mine travels with me throughout the day:

Morning coffee sipped while shaving

Commute coffee

Work tea

Evening herbal tea before bed

Rinse & repeat
We have a seafood joint in WA called Ivar's.
One of their slogans is "Keep Clam"
I thought that's what yours said at first.:facep:


Bigfoot & Bagel aficionado.
This is the mug I used at work before I retired.

$Marvin Mug med.jpg $Marvin Mug med. back.jpg

This is the mug I use now, pictured here along side of my retirement buddy, Mycroft.

$Mycroft & Mug.jpg
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