Let's see your coffee mugs

Discussion in 'The Cafe'' started by Galaktus, Jan 8, 2014.

    This is my favorite one, handmade for a local coffee shop that sells them in-store only. Might have to get a second before I leave this town.


    This one was a gift I thought was humorous, good for the office

  1. These are not mine which are black, could not find a good pic online. They are the #536 barrel mug, US made by Hall, they made ceramics for restaurants. The glaze is nearly indestructible and if dropped on a hardwood floor, they will bounce. Wall thickness is ~1/2" in the middle, you could clock someone pretty good if needed.


  2. Just got this one last week while picking up a new pair of boots. [​IMG] It’s balance and thickness feels great to me. Plus, the story it tells on the outside (along with the coffee inside) makes me happy.

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    upload_2019-2-12_0-7-21.png :001_wub:

    My favorite and very much used fine bone china coffee mug purchased for £1 in Woolworth's nearly 20 years ago.
  5. SWMBO pointed out to me this morning that coffee backwards is eeffoc. She then espoused that would explain why I don't seem to give eeffoc prior to be having that first cup of coffee.

    Sorry no pics but if I see that on a mug... I am buying it.
  6. LOL I think that joke works in most languages:
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    B7B4E04E-BA57-41A5-80A6-2C3DBF23D8D8.jpeg Volunteer Pride first thing in the morning.
  8. Lis


    I will make my correction in the table of coffee names ))). In Russian coffee will be: КОФЕ
  9. Company issue:
  10. This is a stock image, but mine looks exactly like it. Le Creuset Cappuccino mugs, in "Volcanic" orange. I understand that neon orange is not for everyone, but why sip coffee from a drab, bland mug? Lol. I love them, and the quality of Le Creuset stuff is always top notch.

  11. This one was given to me by my niece for Christmas.

  12. I have three coffee cups, well actually one cup and two tankards, that I have in my regular rotation -

    20190707_210425 (2).jpg 20190707_210450 (2).jpg 20190707_210535 (2).jpg

    I also have a complete set of the Starbucks coffee cups, of which this one is the last in the set -
    20190707_210623 (2).jpg
  13. Enameled cast iron?
  14. Heath Ceramics, large mug.


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