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I know we have a wide range of hobbyists here so I was wondering if we have any leatherworkers. Recently felt the need for a certain case for trauma shears and it appears the company has stopped making them. If your leather worker or can point to a good one (aka fair priced) I'd appreciate it.
Back in my younger days, ie before kids I used to do quite a bit of leatherwork. Alas, I haven't made anything in a great while.
I would try CS Osborne Co. Not sure if they have a website or not. If you can obtain a cataloge, you should fing the shears that you are looking for.

Some of the finest leather equipment produced for EMS/Fire needs.
D'Alesio Inc

Dean is a gentleman and a craftsman in his trade. He can also produce anything you want for the most part. He is located in Norco California.
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