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Le Coq Licence Palmer variations

Not much on the interwebs about variances among these fine shavers, so I thought I'd start here.

I recently picked up another Licence Palmer with the intent to sell one of the two, only to discover they're rather different. I know there's a zamak model (a couple?) and a solid brass model, and I'll highlight the latter in this post.

The first thing I noticed with this latest one right off the bat was the case. It's hinged, and springs open (top)o, opposed to my first, that simply has a couple extra layers of faux whatever to hold the lid on.

On the subject of the case, the hinged case is a bit shorter, and the razor fits snuggly in place, to the point you could turn it over without the razor falling out, the other in the larger case is a bit sloppy fitting comparatively.
Also of note, "Licence Palmer" is printed on the inside lid, where the other states "Marque Deposée" (French for trademarked).

As for the razors themselves, first, there's the micrometer dial where one is painted, the other patina brass. This is something I've wondered, but never confirmed, if they were made differently, or if the brass one's just had the paint wear off...idk.
Most notably the razor with the black dial in the snug hinged case has a noticeably wider baseplate, protruding on the sides 1-2mm beyond the top cap. My other LP top cap is flush with the sides of the baseplate. My initial thoughts are perhaps one is later production than the other, or they're from two completely different factories.

Anyone else notice or know anything about this?
Interesting difference between the razors. I have never seen that comparison before. Here are a few other case/razor variations I came by when doing some research earlier this year:

Left brass, right zamak. Notice different locks on case.

NOS, brass. This came without case, shipper only.
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