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La Lune Special Stone...Anybody got one?

I bought a lot of stones off eBay last week thinking I was buying a thuringian l. But when I got it and started lapping it I noticed that it almost looked like it had gold dust sprinkled through out the stone and was ery smooth like a thuringian. So after some back and forth with Scott I decided to send it to him to see if he could figure out what it was. I don't have any pictures of it, accidentally deleted them after I sent it out. From what I can tell this stone was also call a Special Stone for Razors. Does anyone have one of these? Or pictures?
They come in different sizes Matt. The little finger stone with no label is not very expensive. If you get 6x2 or largerwith all crisp edges and the label intact you can expect a tidy sum to change hands.
Post some pics of that stone when you get it. I can't even remember how big it is. You should have it tomorrow.
I have both a special stone only for good razors and a La Lune. The La Luna I have is a lot smaller then the special stone but they both look identical. The color of asfalt with glitter. I use mine with a mixture of 75% sewing machine oil and 25% krill oil. Sham recomends only doing 10 to 15 light laps with oil then stop. It is real easy to kill an edge with one of these stones. I know from experience. The first time I used mine was on a DD with water and it destroyed the edge. When I used it with oil on a Heljustrand that had been finished on an escher it got even sharper but was still a very smooth shave. I really like the edges I get with mine. Just remember that it is realy easy to over do it with one of these stones. Once you get the hang of it, I'm shure you will love yours as well.

I asked Sham about these in a PM a few months ago and this was part of his reply. Hope it helps you out.

"Someone needs to know how to use it. if You use it with oil it will give the edge a lot sharper then Any escher but looses smoothness."
Bought one on French ebay this past weekend. Will report on how it is once I receive it. Will be protecting the label on arrival and testing it after my favorite coticule and Y/G Escher. Probably will use oil as that seems to be the consensus on how to use these.
I mean the new La Lune stones that have been querried lately. I bought one a few days ago and am very pleased by the results, so I was wondering if anybody here who is familiar with the "old" La Lune stones has compared both.
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