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Take your seats everyone, take your seats and good evening to one and all. Welcome to Badger and Blade's 5th installment of the B&B Meritorious Shaver Award. Thank you all for attending tonight's special presentation.

Tonight, this award, also known as the "Timmy", is being presented to an outstanding, long-time member of B&B, as selected by the Moderator team for their contribution and participation at the Badger and Blade.

This recipient was chosen in recognition of his many contributions here at B&B. His hard work and leadership have consistently been insightful, gentlemanly, as well as humorous.

This member's tireless humanitarian efforts on behalf of various charitable organizations such as Operation Smile and The Susan G. Komen Foundation's Race for the Cure have helped to raise tens of thousands of dollars for these organizations. These efforts were never more apparent when this recipient's alter ego, ringmaster W.S. Walcott, came rolling into B&B with the 2009 Carnival of Smiles which helped raise over $10,000.00 on behalf of Operation Smile. As "Ringmaster" this member kept the whole Moderator team busy running the various events and giveaways in both the 2008 B&B Carnival and its follow-up in 2009 which truly became international events.

This member's other charitable efforts included the recently concluded Soap For Hope Contest helping to raise funds in memory of our own "Saint" Sue Moore to further breast cancer research, as well as its fund-raising predecessor, The Eagle G3 Continues To Soar for Sue Moore and The Simpson Eagle G3 Fund Raiser, wherein this member helped to coordinate a custom Simpson G3 Brush in an effort to raise money for Operation Smile.

In recognition of our members in the Armed Forces, this member also helped to organize the Irish Moos Group Buy as part of the Veterans/Active Duty Raffle Contest.

This member also had a knack for stirring up all kinds of trouble with antics such as the Irish Moos Group Buy debacle by locating a large cache of the then elusive Irisch Moos Shave Soap and organized a Group Buy that took on a life of its own. (John, where is my soap? )

This member was also behind the Aftershave of the Week series which has become a great research tool in the Aftershave Forum. His love of music led to a long series of posts in the The Record Shop wherein like-minded members participated in the featured Classic Album Discussion.

And of course, any summary of this member's contributions to B&B would be incomplete without mentioning his various threads regarding Simpson Brushes: i.e. The Harvard H4 - The Beast, The Simpson Classic 2 in Best, Strange But True Eagle G3 Story, Simpson by Vulfix - A Report Card. Anyone notice a pattern here?

While satiating his AD's for soap, our friend had an epiphany and decided to use one soap until it was gone! Unheard of at this point in B&B history. The Result. The continuing journey that has been playing out in the My Guess... 3017 thread.

To those who've had the pleasure of getting to know him through PM's and interactions behind-the-scenes here at B&B, this gentleman has served as a constant cheerleader, supporter, and confidant (and a willing co-conspirator for the mischievious ).

You see, for this individual, B&B is so much more than shaving. It is about relationships and camaraderie. He epitomizes the spirit of brotherhood and support that founded this site and has spent countless hours dedicated to the maintenance of that spirit, even to this day. In 2007, this member was asked to join the Moderator Team and served with distinction until stepping down in 2010.

He is a photographer, a dedicated family-man, one who enjoys fine scotch, and above all, a friend. He possesses a sterling sense of humor and is quick to share his wit with others. A prolific speech writer and toastmaster general, his side splitting monoloques entertain and amuse those fortunate enough to be present for the delivery. A superb story teller whose ability to captivate with a tale (See - Like Christmas) is only exceeded by the owner of Martino's. (sorry, inside joke. )

These contributions will no doubt be enjoyed by B&B'ers for years to come. There is no doubt that this recipient has left his imprint on B&B in a positive and inspirational manner and exemplifies the best of what B&B has to offer.

It is for the aforementioned reasons that the Moderators at B&B take great pleasure in awarding the B&B Meritorious Shaver Award to: Johnniegold

The award shown below will be entered into the Merit Award Winners Gallery, where Bob's avatar will adorn the walls of the gallery along with past recipients.


IT IS ON THIS 29th Day of June, 2011 that the Moderators here at B&B proudly induct Bob into the Merit Award Winners Gallery in recognition of his dedication and inspirational leadership during his years of service as a Moderator at Badger & Blade.

His humanitarian efforts on behalf of B&B has helped to raise tens of thousands of dollars for organizations such as Operation Smile and The Susan G. Komen Foundation by bringing the B&B community together to raise awareness, as well as funds, for these organizations. It is through Bob's generosity, camaraderie and compassion for others that truly captures the essence and spirit of what B&B stands for and we welcome him to the Merit Award Winners Gallery.
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It's about time!


What Bob has done for this place is immeasurable.
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