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We've had plenty of questions in the past about how the charity auction works. Below are some of the questions that have been asked more frequently. We hope that after reading this FAQ, you have a complete understanding of how the auctions operate. If you are still not clear on the process , PM a Moderator or Ambassador or post your question in this thread and we will answer it.

Q- What is an Auction?
A- In general an auction is a sale that has a fluid price, all parties present have an opportunity to purchase an item, whomever is willing to pay the most "Wins" the item.

Q- How is the B&B auction run?
A- Items will be posted in the Charity Fundraising forum as individual posts for each item or "lot" being auctioned.

Q- Where do the items in the auction come from?
A- Most of the items are donated by members and the team here at the B&B. Many of our paying B&B vendors also make a donation on a strictly voluntary basis.

Q- How do I donate an item for auction?
A- Please use this form to donate an item to be auctioned.
  • If you are donating multiple items to be auctioned as separate lots please fill out a new form for each lot.
  • If you need assistance don't hesitate to PM a MOD or Steward.

Q- When is the deadline for donating items for auction?
A- There is no official deadline. However, if you are considering donating an item for auction please do so ASAP so that we can prepare your item for auction before the start of the auction.

Q- How do I bid on an item?
A- You place a reply in the thread for the item you wish to bid on, bidding is in a minimum of 5.00 increments.

Q- What would I say in the reply post?
A- you would simply post "My bid is xx.00 dollars"

Q- How will I know I won?
A- You will be the "high Bidder" at the end of the Auction.

Q- Who gets my donation?
A- The National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc.

Q- How do I pay for my item?
A- You will make payment to the National Breast Cancer Foundation directly for the item HERE

Q- What form of payment can I make?
A- Paypal, credit cards or a check are accepted for payment.

Q- Does B&B handle my donation in any way?
A- No, all donations are made directly to the National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc.(NBCF) Via the fundraising page HERE
B&B has no access to any donated funds and receives no benefits from the auction in any way.

Q- Is the NBCF a "good" place to donate to? Does my money get used properly?
A- Here is a link for more information. Charity Navigator - Rating for National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. The NBCF is a 4 star rated charity and has the support of many foundations and major businesses.

Q- How much of my donation goes to the charity?
A- 100% of the monies donated goes directly from you to the NBCF.

Q- Will I get a receipt for my donation?
A- Yes, the NBCF will send you a receipt Via E-mail,the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization and your donation is tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law.
  • No receipt will be given for donated auction items
  • The receipt for your winning bid donation will be from the NBCF via Stay Classy Productions and look like this:

Q- Will my employer match the donation for the NBCF?
A- Many employers do have a matching donations program. You should speak with your Human Resources manager or check your company's website for information on how to do this. Doubling your donation to fight cancer is a win-win for all of us.

Q- Who will ship me my item?
A- Whomever donated the item will ship it to you directly. Any customs duties owed will be recipients responsibility.

Q- Does B&B guarantee delivery of my won item?
A- While B&B cannot guarantee delivery of items donated by third parties, we would of course attempt to contact the person or vendor on your behalf should there be a problem.

Popup sales

Q- What is a Popup sale? Are the Popups an auction?
A- A Popup sale is an item that will be available for a fixed price. When that price is bid the item is sold.

Q-Will these Popups be in the Sue Moore fundraising forum?
A You may find them anywhere on B&B, keep your eyes peeled.

Q- Can I place a bid lower than the sold price?
A- Yes you can, if no one Bids the asking price you will win the auction at the end of the fundraiser with the regular auctions.

Happy Bidding!
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